"THE GREAT FIRE" in St. John's, Newfoundland July 8,1892

by Rev. Moses Harvy {sic Harvey}

On Saturday morning, July 8,the newspapers of Boston contained the startling
intelligence that the city of St. John's, Newfoundland, was swept by fire the
previous night. On the following Sunday evening a number of Newfoundlanders
met at America Hall, and after talking over the sad news and pledging their
assistance, adjourned to meet on the following Thursday evening. Meanwhile
every person present promised to interest himself in reaching Newfoundlanders
living in outlying towns and cities, informing them of the meeting to be
held, and, if possible, to secure their presence on that evening. As a result the
largest body of Newfoundlander ever brought together at one meeting in the
city of Boston met at America Hall, on Thursday evening, July 14.The permanent
organization was as follows:
Chairman---Hon. William Taylor
Secretary---William Whittle
Treasurer---Edward T. Russell
Assistant Treasure---John G. Pike
Financial Secretary---Robert J. Druhan
Executive Committee.
Hon .William Taylor
William Whittle
Edward T Russell
John G Pike
Robert J Druhan
John P McCormick
Rev. A. B. Hudson
M. M. Breen
Nicholas Sullivan
Thomas Kevin
Thomas Higgins
John W O' Ryan

Committees were appointed in the following cities and towns from among the
Newfoundlanders residing therein:

Brighton---Matthew Murphy, Chairman: William Cunningham, M.Rielly, M.M.
Breen, J. Kennedy, John Foley, Michael Murphy.

Brockton---Alexander Morton, Chairman: Thomas Brein, Thomas J. Regan

Cambridgeport--- Dr. Jos .D. Couch

Charlestown---Michael Rogers, Chairman: F.Fleming, Garrett Dooley, James
Dooley, James Britt, Michael Manning

Chelsea----Archibald Prior, chairman: John Power, Herbert Dowden, Thomas
Parsons, Richard Parsons, Stephen Breaker.

East Boston----M.J. Crotty, Chairman; Daniel Kiley, Thomas Ryan, Nicholas J.
Ryan, Edward Gardiner, Richard Power, Michael Fitzgerald.

East Cambridge--- John P. McCormick, Chairman; Peter Shortell, John Gleason

Everett----James Bolger, Chairman ;E.M. Archibald, Thomas Kenny, Charles
Wilson, James McAuliffe, James W. Childs

Lynn---Robert Evans, Chairman; Harry Medws, P.J. Murphy, Joseph Pike

Malden--- William Barrett

Milville---Patrick Heneberry, Chairman; Charles Duffey, William Mountain, William
Parnell, Robert Powell, Richard Glynn, Michael Ryan

Newton---Richard J. Morrissey, Chairman;M. Moore, P.J. Powers

North End---Edward Walsh, chairman; Thomas Kevin, P.J. Cody, Patrick Bowe, Peter
Hogan, Thomas Fitzgerald, T .Lee

Old Cambridge---Gilbert Pynn, Chairman; W. Eastman, E. M. Phelan

Quincy---David Fitzgerald, Chairman;

Roxbury---John T . McCarthy, Chairman; John J. Hally, P.J. Brazil,

John T. Kennedy, Andrew Hughes, Thomas Lanahan, James Smart

Somerville----Edward Pynn, Chairman; Joseph G. Gallishaw, Robert J. Druhan, John

South Boston---Dennis J. Cantwell, Chairman; P.J. Feehan, Louis J. Duchemin, James
L. Fitzgerald, Thomas Burns, Michael J. Renison, John F. Dempsey.

South End----William Whittle, Chairman; P.J. Mansfield, M. W. Dooley, Thomas
Mackay, Thomas Morrissey, D.J. Reddin

The committee went to work with a determination to realize a handsome sum for
the suffers, and they succeeded admirably, having collected in money and
clothing (new cloths alone entered into this estimate) the sum of
$15,896.80 (in terms of 1992 dollars ,this would be about $300,000.) On Saturday
afternoon Aug.6,the schooner CARITA sailed for St.Johns, chartered by the
Executive Committee, and having on board a miscellaneous cargo of provisions
and merchandise valued at $8,000.On October 18 the schooner ALTA was
despatched. By her the Committee sent 625 barrels of flour and other
breadstuffs. It should be said here that the $3,460 collected by
Messrs. Stratton, Little,& Co. and Edward T. Russell was sent by them to
St. Johns in cash.