Ariel View of Argentia, Placentia Bay Newfoundland. Prior to it becoming US Naval Base during WWII.

This map was sent to me by a friend who has since passed away. It likely came from Eileen Houlihan's book "Uprooted! The Argentia Story," which relates the sacrifice of those living on the land which Winston Chruchill traded to Franklin Roosevelt for the price of 50 used warships. The top caption cut-off reads Churchill and Roosevelt met here. During WWII, the two leaders met in the remote Placentia Bay location to establish the Atlantic Charter. The Connors family had a house on the Argentia peninsula at Pond Head before 1850 and later floated it over to the mainland to Dunville. Our earliest ancestor was a Joachim oConnor who is said to have been buried in Marquise, he was a teacher from Dublin married to a Margaret McGrath. I believe he was sent to Dublin from Nfld. to study and then returned and that he was either father to Thomas Connors who married Ann Casey, step dau of Richard McGrath or he was brother to Thomas and they both married McGrath women.