Will of Michael Doyle Vol. 3, pg 459, 1876

Newfoundland Will Books

this will reprinted exactly as it appears in the book

In re

Michael DOYLE deceased.

In the name of God Amen. I Michael Doyle of Carbonear in the
Island of Newfoundland being weak in body but sound in mind and memory do
make this my last will and testament (thereby revoking and annulling all
other will or wills made by me) in following manner, I leave and bequeath my
house and the land on which it is situated, a bed and half my household
effects to Francis Murphy of Carbonear, the said property to be left in
charge of her mother until she is of the legal age, and in the event of the
said Frances Murphy dying without heirs I hereby leave and bequeath the said
property to her mother her heirs and assigns. To Mary Murphy I leave and
bequeath the sum of sixty pounds cy, To the Revd John O'Connor, Ireland, the
sum of forty pounds cy, To the Revd Thomas O'Connor Portugal Cove the sum
of ten pounds cy, For the improvement of of the Catholic Chapel of Carbonear
the sum of one hundred pounds cy, which sum I wish to appropriate for an
organ for the said Chapel to Thomas Collins of Harbor Grace the sum of ten
pounds cy, To Mrs. Mary Dawley, the sum of ten pounds cy To Bridget Scanlan
the sum of five pounds cy, To Bridget Power three pounds, To Mrs. Mary
Moriarty Five pounds, To Patrick Dooley five pounds, To Mrs. Antonio of the
Presentation Convent Carbonear five pounds, To the Nuns of the Presentation
Convent of Carbonear fifteen pounds, which sum together with the sum
bequeathed for the Roman Catholic Chapel I wish to deposit in the hands of
the Revd. J.V. Donnelly or in the hands of the Roman Catholic Clergyman
resident in Carbonear for the time being To the Revd J. V. Donnelly the sum
of twenty pounds cy for Masses for my soul. To Frances Murphy I also leave
and bequeath the cabbage garden and the stable with the land which it is
built upon. The piece of land on the east side of the road and bounded on
the north by Jane Ryan south by the stable and cabbage garden, east by
Lynch's, west by the main road I leave and bequeath to John Dooley of
Patrick of Carbonear his heirs administrators and assigns. I hereby ordain
appoint that my funeral expenses be paid out of the sum above mentioned as
appropriated for the improvement of the R Catholic Chapel. The sums due to
me to be paid to my executor for the benefit of Mrs. Mary Murphy. I hereby
appoint Simon McCarthy of Carbonear my sole executor to this my last will
and testament. Witness my hand and seal this twenty third day of March in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy six. Michael X
(his mark) Doyle Witness, Simon McCarthy, Patrick Joy.

Certified Correct,

D.M. Browning


Transcribed and contributed by Joanne Connors