Doyle name in Newfoundland Business Directory

1864 Hutchinson Directory Newfoundland 1871 Lovell's Business Directory

Carbonear Carbonear

DOYLE, James Bunker Hill Doyle James, fisherman

DOYLE, Maurice Planter Bunker Hill
DOYLE, Michael Fisherman Bunker Hill Doyle Michael, fisherman
DOYLE, Timothy Fisherman Beach

MADDOCK, J & R General Dealers Water, east
MADDOCK, John Merchant Water, east
MADDOCK, Robert Merchant Water, east
MADDOCK, Walter Storekeeper Water, east

Harbour Grace

Doyle ?, wid John, Harvey, near Kerry's lane.
Doyle Michael, laborer, River head, North side.
Doyle Nicholas, Water, near Cochrane.
Doyle Patrick, fisherman, Old Carbonear road.

Harry Cove (Placentia Bay/St. Mary's District)

Quigley Dennis, fisherman
Doyle Martin, fisherman

St. John's

Doyle, Dennis, fisherman
Doyle, Edward, fisherman
Doyle, Edward, laborer
Doyle, Francis, teacher of mathematics
Doyle, Henrietta, milliner
Doyle, James, fisherman
Doyle, John, farmer
Doyle, James, wharfinger
Doyle, John, fisherman
Doyle, Lawrence, fisherman
Doyle, Lawrence, blacksmith
Doyle, Margaret, wid of Dennis
Doyle, Mary, wid of Thomas
Doyle, Matthew, farmer
Doyle, Matthew, fisherman
Doyle, Michael, truckman
Doyle, Peter, clerk
Doyle, Peter, clerk
Doyle, Peter, farmer
Doyle, Peter, fisherman
Doyle, Peter, pensioner
Doyle, Peter, storekeeper
Doyle, Richard, cooper
Doyle, Thomas, baker
Doyle, Thomas, cooper
Doyle, Thomas, seaman
Doyle, William, cooper
Doyle, William, fisherman