Early Doyle name in Newfoundland from E.R. Seary

"DOYLE" name info. from the E. R. Seary updated version.....
DOYLE, a surname of Ireland, (O)Doyle--foreigner of Norse origin. MacLysaght
describes (O)Doyle as one of the most numerous names in Leinster, especially
in Co. Wexford.
In Newfoundland:
Early instances: William, inhabitant of Newfoundland, ? 1706 (co 194.24);
Richard, of St. John's, ? 1752 (co 194.13); Martin, planter of Bay Bulls,
1753 (co 194.13); John in possession of property and Shoreman of Torbay,
1794--5, "30 years in Newfoundland", that is, 1764-5 (census 1794-5),
Thomas, from Enniscorthy (Co. Wexford), married at St. John's, 1798 (Nfld.
Archives BRC); Martin, Constable of St. Mary's Harbour, 1802 (D' Alberti
12); Thomas of Carbonear, 1803 (co 199.18); Philip, ? of Harbour Grace,
1806-7 (co 194.46); Morgan of Harbour Grace Parish, 1806 (Nfld. Archives
HGRC); James of Trinity, 1816 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);------, of Fortune Bay,
1818 (D' Alberti 28); Michael of Heart's Content, 1819 (Nfld. Archives
KCRC); William of Ferryland, married at Tilton Harbour, (now Tilting), 1820
(Nfld. Archives KCRC); Patrick, native of Co. Wexford, of Portugal Cove,
1820 (Mercantile Journal 4 May 1820); Thomas of King's Cove, 1821 (Nfld.
Archives KCRC); Michael of Ragged Harbour (now Melrose), 1824 (Nfld.
Archives KCRC); Mary, of Grates Cove, 1828, Sylvester, of Bonavista 1828,
Sylvester of Fogo, 1829, of Herring Neck, 1829 of Twillingate, 1829 of
Catalina, 1829 of Careless (now Kerleys) Harbour, 1829, all at Nfld.
Archives; Bridget from Co Kilkenny, married at Fortune Harbour 1830; James
of Greenspond, 1831; James of Coblers Island, Bonavista Bay, 1832; James of
Placentia Bay 1837; Michael of Northern Bay, 1838 (DPHW 54); Capt. from Co.
Waterford of Harbour Grace 1844 (Indicator 27 July 1844);-----, of Turk's
Cove, Trinity Bay 1845(Nfld. Quarterly Dec. 1911); E., of Petty Harbour,
1855 (Newfoundlander 29 Nov. 1855); Catherine of Knights Cove 1870.
Modern day status:
Widespread, especially at Gull Island, Bay De Verde District, Avondale and
St. John's.