E.R. Seary. Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland.

DUNN(E), a surname of England, Ireland and Scotland; in England from
an Old English personal name Dun, Old English dunn - dull brown, dark,
swarthy; in Ireland (O)Dunne,ÓDuinn or ÓDoinn, fr. donn - brown,
"usually spelt with the final e"; in Scotland originally from Celtic
donn - brown or from a Scots place name ? Dun (Angus). (Reaney,
Cottle, MacLysaght, Black).
Guppy traced Dunn in ten counties, including especially Yorkshire,
Durham, Northumberland, Warwickshire, Devon and Dorset and found it
widespread south of the Forth and Clyde.
MacLysaght found (O)Dunn(e) "one of the most numerous names in the
midland counties."
In Newfoundland:
Family traditions: Dunne from Co. Kilkenny settled at Renews (MUN
Folklore). Denis, of Irish descent, born at Broad Cove (Conception B.)
about 1857, settled at Fortune Harbour about 1880 (MUN Geog.). Joseph,
was among the first permanent settlers at Hollett's Tickle (now part
of Burnside) about 1895 (MUN Geog.).
Early instances: Stephen Dunn, inhabitant of Newfoundland 1704 (CO
194.3); Thomas, ? of Salmon Cove (Conception B.), ? 1752 (CO 194.13);
William, of Bay Bulls,? 1753 (CO 194.13); William, fisherman of St.
John's, 1794-5, "20 years in Newfoundland," that is, 1774-5 (Census
1794-5); Dennis, of Broad Cove (Conception B.), 1776 (CO 199.18);
Michael, in possession of property and cooper of Torbay, 1794-5, "10
years in Newfoundland," that is, 1784-5 (Census 1794-5); Thomas, of
Cupids, 1791 (CO 199.18); Margaret, of Toads (now Tors) Cove, 1793
(Nfld. Archives BRC); Samuel, of Bonavista, 1801 (DPHW 70); Margaret,
of Witless Bay, 1805 (Nfld. Archives BRC); Dennis, of Harbour Grace
Parish, 1806 (Nfld. Archives HGRC); John, from Bahnakell Parish
(Queens Co. now Co. Leix), married at St. John's, 1808 (Nfld. Archives
BRC); Lawrence, one of 72 impressed men who sailed from
Ireland to Newfoundland,? 1811 (CO 194.51); Patrick, of Broad Cove
(unspecified), 1820 (Nfld. Archives BRC); John, from Shangany
(unidentified) (Co. Cork), married at Harbour Grace, 1829 (Nfld.
Archives BRC); Edmund, from Waterford, married at Brigus, 1829 (Nfld.
Archives BRC); Margaret, of Kings Cove Parish, 1837 (Nfld. Archives
KCRC); Bryan, ? of Ferryland, 1838 (Newfoundlander 25 Oct 1838);
Thomas, ? of Northern Bay, 1842 (DPHW 54); George, of Bears Cove
(Harbour Grace), 1855 (DPHW 43); Michael, of Cats Cove (now Conception
Harbour), 1871 (Lovell); Andrew, of Coachman's Cove, 1871 (Lovell);
James, planter of Englee, 1871 (Lovell); Joseph, fisherman of Salvage,
1871 (Lovell); Andrew, miner of Tilt Cove, 1871 (Lovell).

Modern status: Dunn, scattered; Dunne, scattered, especially at St.
Place names: Dunn Cove 47-40 54-20; Harbour, Island 55-13 58-58;
-------Point 47-25 54-2 1; Dunns Brook 47-44 54-33;---- Pond 47-45

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