FITZGERALD, a surname of England and Ireland. FROM Seary's Book of Surnames in Newfoundland
Traced by Spiegelhalter in Devon and found very numerous in Ireland by MacLysaght.

In Newfoundland:
Early instances:

Dennis, fisherman of St. John's, 1794-1795, 46 years in Newfoundland, that is 1748-1749 {census 17945};

Maurice of Western Bay, 1771 {co 199.18};

John, in possession of property in the fishery at Torbay, 1794-1795, 8 years in Newfoundland, that is, 1786-7 {census 1794-5};

Martin, from Stradbally {co. Kerry}, married at St. John's, 1801 {Nfld.Archives BRC};

Elizabeth, of Bonavista, 1803{Nfld Archives BRC};

Edward, in possession of fishing rooms at Keels, built by the family before 1805 {Bonavista Register 1806};

Thomas, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1806{Nfld. Archives HGRC};

John, from Waterford, of the Isle of Spear, deceased, 1810{Royal Gazette 30 June 1810}

John, one of 72 impressed men who sailed from Ireland to Newfoundland, ?
1811 {co 194.51;

Patrick, from Middleton{co cork}, labourer of Harbour Grace, deceased,1814{Royal Gazzette 1814};

William, of King's Cove, 1816{Nfld Archives KCRC};

Patrick, of Trinity, 1826{Nfld. Archives KCRC},

John, of Joe Batts Arm, 1831{Nfld.Archives KCRC}

James, from Wexford, of Fogo, 1837{Nfld. Patriot 21 Oct. 1837}

Thomas, ? of Northern Bay, 1838 {DPHW 54}

Eleanor, of Riders Harbour, Trinity Bay, 1838{Nfld Archives KCRC}

Edward, of Open Hall, 1841 (DPHW 73 A)

James, from Co. Cork, of Port De Grave, 1844 (Indicator 24 Aug. 1844)

Hannah, of Indian Arm, 1858(Nfld Archives KCRC}

Joseph, of Broad Cove(now Duntara), 1858 (Nfld. Archives KCRC)

Mary, of Haywards Cove, Bonavista Bay, 1866 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);


Modern status: Widespread, especially at St. John's and Keels.
Place name: Fitzgerald's Cove (Labrador) 55-10 59-08