Source: E. R. Seary The Early Names of Newfoundland, pp.

HAMILTON,  a surname of England. Scotland and  Ireland, from the English place name Hamilton(Leicestershire), Hambelton (Lancashire, Rutlandshire, Yorkshire NR), Hambledon (Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset), Hambleden (Buckinghamshire), Hameldon(Lancashire), or Hamel Down (Devon).  (Cottle, Spiegelhalter, MacLysaght).

Traced by Guppy in the southern half of Scotland, Especially in Lanarkshire, by Spiegelhalter in Devon , and by MacLysaght in Ulster and elsewhere .

In Newfoundland;

Family Tradition:------Hamilton, from Ireland settled at Joe Battís Arm between 1811 and 1816 (Mun Hist).

Early instances:

J.,soldier of St. Johnís, 1779 (DPHW 26C);

Daniel of Harbour Grace Parish, 1808 (Nfld. Arcives HGRC); 

Andrew  Hammilton or Hamlinton, from Co. Kilkenny, married at Fortune Harbour, 1830 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);

Charles Hamilton, from Warwickshire, married ? at St. Johnís, 1834 (Royal Gazette 18 Mar 1834); 

William, commissioner of roads between Burin and Grand Bank, 1834 (Newfoundland 19 Jun 1834); 

Alexander, of Isle Valen (Placentia Bay.) 1835 (DPHW30)

James of Oderin  1843 (Newfoundland 31 Aug 1843);

 J., J.P. of Burin district, 1844 (Nfld.Almanac):

Henry Harris, clergyman of Ferryland, 1850 (DPHW);

Richard, of Green Bay, 1852(Newfoundland 9 Sep 1852);

Emmanuel, of Petites, 1856(DPHW 98);

Eugene, of Harbour Grace, 1866 (Nfld. Archives HGRC);

 John (and others), of Black Island, 1871 (Lovell);

Matthew, of Joe Battís Arm, 1871 (Lovell).

Modern status: Scattered.

Place names: Hamilton (now Churchill) Falls(Labrador) 53-36 64-19; -----Inlet (Labrador 54-00 57-30; ------Island  49-32 55-00,  (Labrador) 53-52 56-58; Hamilton or Sir Charles Hamilton Sound 49-30 54-15; ------(or Churchill) River (Labrador) 53-22 60-11.       

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