Terrence Kennedy (1845-1935 buried Harbor Grace) & Mary JOY "Aunt Polly" (1848-1916) see Family Portrait
  see Descendants of Terrence Kennedy

1870 Nicholas Kennedy     married Delia Holleran he died falling from a rooftop in NYC (Loews theatre/25th street) she returned to Galway Ire with their 3

                                         children which her family raised there.  She then came back to  New Jersey and eventually brought the children

1871 John Kennedy           married Sophia Mahaney  Brooklyn Line  1930 US census Brooklyn

1872 William Kennedy      married Agnes Jones master mariner in Boston, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington; Alaska; Panama

1874 Patrick J. Kennedy    married Ann O'Connell and went to Boston FAMILY

1875 Terence Kennedy      went to Boston then New Haven died a bachelor in Connecticut

1877 Julia Kennedy             married Luke Hayden Harbor Grace, Nfld.

1880 Richard Kennedy        married Mary Pumphrey killed 1916 WWI

1883  Elizabeth Kennedy     "Lillian" married Michael Connors of Harbor Grace went to Puerto Rico and then to Brooklyn

1883  Mary Joseph               Josephine married Dennis Hogan in Harbor Grace; thier son was Monsignor Will Hogan

188    Thomas Kennedy       married Catherine (Kate) Coady Harbor Grace


1921 Newfoundland Census


This is Julia Kennedy and below is her sister of Mary Josephine (Kennedy) Hogan daughter's of 

Terrance Kennedy and Mary Joy; that is Capt. Terr. listed here he is a widower

HAYDEN; Luke             M    Head Married   1879 Aug  42   Hbr. Grace
Julia            F    Wife Married   1879 Feb  42   Carbonear
HAYDEN; Margaret         F    Dau  Single    1911 Oct  10   Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN; Mary             F    Dau  Single    1914 Nov  7    Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN; Grace            F    Dau  Single    1917 Dec  4    Hbr. Grace
HAYDEN; Paula            F    Dau  Single    1919 Jan  2    Hbr. Grace
KENNEDY; Terrance        M    ???  ???  1845 Feb  76   Carbonear




HOGAN; ??               M   Head        Married   1880 Mar    41   Harbour Grace
Mary             F   Wife        Married   1884 Dec    37   Carbonear
HOGAN; John             M   Son         Single    1910 Mar    11   Harbour Grace
HOGAN; Terrance         M   Son         Single    1914 July    7   Harbour Grace
HOGAN; William          M   Son         Single    1916 Dec     5   Harbour Grace
HOGAN; Annie            F   Daughter    Single    1918 July    3   Harbour Grace
HOGAN; Agatha           F   Daughter    Single    1918 July    3   Harbour Grace


found Great Uncle Tom; he is bro. to Julia, and Mary J., son of Capt. Terr. & Mary Joy Kennedy


KENNEDY; Thomas          M Head,  m,    1887, Oct,   34, Hr. Grace
KENNEDY; Catherine       F Wife,  m,    1888, Jul,   33, Hr. Grace
KENNEDY; William         M Son,   si,   1909, Feb,   12, Hr. Grace
KENNEDY; Mary            F Dau,   si,   1913, Mar,    8, Hr. Grace
KENNEDY; Terence         M Son,   si,   1915, Sep,    6, Hr. Grace
KENNEDY; Frank           M Son,   si,   1915, Sep,    6, Hr. Grace
COADY; Alice             F Mil,   wid,  1856, Jun,   65, Hr. Grace
COADY; Frank             M Uncle, si,   1857, Feb,   70, Hr. Grace





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