The 1799 census of Carrick was ordered by the local Major Pitt of the
Dorsetshire Regiment who was in charge of the town. It was compiled and written
by Patrick Lynch a local schoolmaster. The original document is now housed in
the British Museum.

Street Town Name Age Origin/Occupation Married

Sir John's Road South Carrick Mor Suburb Kennedy, John 35 Newfoundlander Kennedy, Mary 28 puts birth years at (1764/1771)

John is listed as a Newfoundlander aged 35 his wife is listed as Mary aged 28 they lived in Sir Johns Rd South a suburb of Carrick on Suir.

I found another John Kennedy in a Lucas trade directory date 1788 under the heading of Merchant, nothing more .

There are a further 2 John Kennedys listed in the list of old Marriages both are boatmen and both live in the Strand by the river.

One is John Kennedy 65 married to a Mary 46.

Living with John and Mary Kennedy in Strand

Daniel Kennedy 9

James Kennedy 7

Margaret Kennedy13

Patrick Phelan 42; Cathy Phelan 26; James Phelan 7 Michael Phelan 1 and Edmund Cullen 9.

The other John Kennedy, boatsman in Strand, is 40 wife Margaret 30, Michael Kennedy 6, John Kennedy 9.