1803 Bill of Land Sale between Nicholas Marshall and James Kennedy

This Indenture made the thirteenth day of December in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and three Between Nicholas Marshall of Carbonear in the Island of Newfoundland Boat Keeper of the one part to James Kennedy of said Carbonear, Publican of the other part Witnesseth that part in consideration of the Sum of Forty Pounds of lawfull Money of Great Britain to the said Nicholas Marshale in ??? sale------and duty paid by the said James Kennedy, the receipt whereof he the said Nicholas Marshall doth hereby acknowledges he the said Nich Marshall Hath Bargained & Sold Assigned transferred and so I over? end by there Presents Doth fully, freely, and absolutely Bargain Sold assign transfer & make over unto him the said James Kennedy His Heirs, & Assigns All that Fishing Room or Plantation situate lying and being in Carbonear aforesaid and now in the occupation of him the said James Kennedy containing by measurement, Fifty Yards in length beginning Eighteen --- --- of the North side of the said Jas. Kennedys dwelling House in a direct line to the Water side and Seventeen Yards in breadth from East to West bounded on the East by the Widow "Juerer's?" Fence on the West and North by the Plantation now in the occupation of the aforesaid Nicholas Marshale and on the South by the Sea together with all Buildings, Ways, Waterways, Paths, Easements, Profits & appurtances whatsoever to the said Premises belonging --- --- --- And -- the Estate right, title, Interest, Property, Holdings, releases & demand whatsoever of him the said Nicholas Marshale his heirs Exec. Administrators and Assigns there in or there to and to have and to hold the said Premises and all other the Estate and Interest of him the said Nicholas Marshall hereintofore mentioned and hereby assigned or intended so to he ? and the appurtenances unto him the said James Kennedy his Executorsw Administrators & Assigns forever --- --- --- And the said Nich Marshale for himself his Heirs Exec. & Admns. Doth command and agree to and with the said James Kennedy his Executors, Administrators & Assigns the Premises herein before mentioned & hereby assigned and made over or intended hereby so to be and every part and parcel thereof according to the truc intent and meaning of there Presents Hereby ----conveying? to ---- and go give the said James Kennedy his Heirs Execuotrs and Administrators & Assigns in the quiet and peaceable possession and enjoyment at the before mentioned Premises against all claims or demands to be made of or from any Claimant Persons whatsoever

In Witness whereof the said Nick Marshale with to there presents set his hand --- --- Now found him wherein -- Stamp and used the day and year first to be written______

Nich X (his mark)Marshale {LS}

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of --DDE


Received the 13th day of December 1803 from the written named James Kennedy the sum of Forty Pounds being the Sale Consideration Money for the witih mentioned Premises