...3 James Kennedy (1761-1827)of Carbonear, Newfoundland (constable and publican) married Anastasia Wells of Wales

"Descendants Letter regarding this Couple" and has 7 children. James and his wife are the only Kennedys buried in NorthWest Carbonear Cemetery which I do not know for sure are related to our line. I do believe he is the son of Terence and Mary Kennedy who had their Crocker's Cove house burned for being married by an RC priest in 1755. James was said to be from a Kennedy family in Carbonear which had 10 servants and Terence was an Irish planter who had 10 Irish in his employ. Next to James in the cemetery is the grave of Michael Kennedy, believed to be his brother.

....4 Mary Kennedy (b. abt 1799) married Jan. 21, 1817 John Meany (wit: Jas.-Mary Kennedy Dinn J- Magee, M Rev. Ewer)

....5 Anastasia Meany (b. July 5, 1818) HGRC sp: John McGRATH & Ellen KENNEDY

....5 James Meany born July 23, 1820 HG RC sp: Nicholas Mcgee & Peggy Maher

....5 Margaret Meany b. Feb 10, 1823 HG RC sp: Thomas Mark & Mary Cullen

....5 Teresa Meany b. Oct. 12, 1825 HGRC sp: Antony GODFREY & Mary McKEE

....5 Julia Meany b. Jan. 9, 1827 HGRC sp: Patrick QUIGLEY & Catherine KENEDY

.....5 John Meany b. May 16, 1830 HGRC sp: William BROWN & Catherine CULLEN

.....5 Marian Meany Oct. 12, 1832 HGRC sp: Richard Walsh & Mary Cullen

....5 Michael Meany Oct. 12, 1832 HGRC sp: Michael Berry & Judy Kennedy

...4 Eleanor/Ellen Wells Kennedy (b. 1800*) m. Thomas Marks, married Harbor Grace Roman Catholic parish May 30, 1822 (wit: John Fitzgerald, E. Mulloy & Julia Taylor) Rev. Ewer.

Thomas Marks is partner in CUNARD Steamship Line, see above letter regarding descendants.

.....5 Anastasia Marks (b. Oct. 12, 1823) HG RC sp: William THORNE & Mary DRYSDALE

.....5 John Marks (b. May 12, 1825) HGRC sp: William INNOTT & Catherine KENNEDY;

John J. Marks, ships chandler appears 1870 US census San Fran 9th district age 41 est. birth year 1828

.....5 James Marks (b. Jan 27, 1827) HGRC sp: John FITZGERALD & Elizabeth THORN

.....5 Maria Marks (b. Aug. 27, 1829) HGRC sp: William MULLOWNEY & Johanna FOX

.....5 Eleanor Marks (b. Mar 27, 1831) HGRC sp: Walter DILLON & Julia KENNEDY ;

appears in 1870 US Census Massachusetts, Suffolk County, Boston Ward 5

.....5 MARIAN Marks (b. Oct. 12, 1832) HGRC sp: Richard WALSH & Mary CULLEN

...5 Michael Marks (b. Oct. 12, 1832) HGRC sp: Michael BERRY & Judy KENEDY

....5 Edward Marks (b. Dec. 23, 1832) HGRC sp: James FITZGERALD & Catherine DOOLING

* Edmund appears 10th District San Francisco, California est. birth 1834 age 25 in 1860 US census

*Ellen Kennedy Marks age 60 born Newfoundland appears on 1860 Boston Census living with Gleeson Family WARD 9 Suffolk/ Massachusetts with Thomas Marks (AGE 24 b. 1836)) and Bernard (Age 17 b.1843);In the 1861 Boston City Directory Widow Ellen Marks is living on 3 Marion with sons Bernard A. Marks a clerk at 154 Washington, Thomas E. Marks a printer working at 31 State St. Boston, MA

Bernard A. Marks lives Tolman Place 1880 Boston Census with wife, children and 3 GRACE sister in laws all born Newfoundland. Marks Owns Liquor Store. Ellen Kennedy has poems published in book as well as local Boston papers.

...4 Margaret Kennedy (twin of Catherine) b. Dec 28, 1806 m. William Branscombe (sail blockmaker) Jan. 20,1828 HGRC (wit: Lorenso Moore and Thomas Marks) Line of Bill Summers, retired Professor from MUN Dept. Geography. Margaret Kennedy Branscombe is an heir in 1861 Will of William Flinn, St. John's

....5 Wm. James Branscombe b. Oct 26, 1828 HGRC sp: John McCARTHY & Mary NEARY

....5 Emilia Branscombe b. May 2, 1830 HGRC sp: Stephen DANIEL & Sarah MOLLOY

....5 George Branscombe Oct. 14, 1832 HGRC sp: Peter KERAN & Judy KENEDY Ship "CHARLES"?

....4 Catherine Kennedy b. Dec 28, 1806 HGRC died 1872 Belvedere Cemetery St. John's, NL married Jan 13, 1828 Lorenzo Moore, (1806-1860)Customs House agent of Waterford, Ireland (wit: John Meany and Catherine Cullin) Harbour Grace RC

...5 Annie Moore(183 ?-1903) marries Dr. Charles H. Renouf (1815-1878) St. John's Newfoundland

......6 Katherine Renouf

.....6 Charles H Renouf...

....6 Bishop Henry Thomas Renouf of St. Georges

....5 Moore

....4 Julia Kennedy (b.April 4, 1811 HGRC) married HG RC August 22, 1833 Stephen Daniels from Clonmel {Co Tipperary}, late of St. John's, Stephen J. Daniels,died 1852 from newspaper {Newfoundlander 26 Aug. 1852} listed in Seary Book;; Schooner General Washington had Julia and 5 children Nov. 13, 1850 sailing from St. John's to Boston. Below ages based on age upon arrival in Boston, Massachusetts

....5 Stephen Daniels b. 1837 Newfoundland

.....5 Walter Daniels b. 1836 Newfoundland

....5 Ann Daniels b. 1842 Newfoundland

..... 5 Charles Daniels 1845

.....5 James Daniels 1847

*...5 possible Margaret Kennedy born 1830 Newfoundland is on board schooner General Washington in 1849 on the way to Boston with the above Julia Kennedy Daniels and her children.

....4 Joseph Kennedy (b. abt 1800) ??? Joseph is in the 1832 &1839 Carbonear Voters Lists

this could be Joseph's line but why no James and why the Nicholas (although Nich. could be Dawe name)

1829 Feb 1 Nicholas Kennedy Joseph Kennedy & Francis Dawe Thomas McKEE & Jane McKEE RC Harbor Grace McGEE

1830 Mar 7 Mary Kennedy Joseph Kennedy & Frances Dawe William FLYNN & Julia KENNEDY RC Harbor Grace

1831 Oct 16 Anne Kennedy Joseph Kennedy & Frances Dawe John NOONAN & Catherine WALSH RC Harbor Grace

1842 Jul 28 Joseph Kennedy Joseph Kennedy & Frances Dean [sic Dawe] David Walsh & Dorthea Ryan RC Hr. Grace Box 1

Prince Edward Island 1881 census

1845 Sep 08 Samuel Kennedy Joseph Kennedy & Frances Dean [sic DAWE] FAMILY Charles Fogarty & Emma Geare RC Hr. Grace Box 1

....4 James P. Kennedy (Aug. 9, 1824) sp: George Forward & Catherine Cullin. Went to New York then Boston, Massachusetts post 1860

+Ann {Power} in 1860 they are in Brooklyn, New York Ward 10 District 3 in 1870 they are in Boston

....5 James P. Kennedy Jr. b. 1859 Newfoundland