Kennedy's of BEARS COVE, Harbor Grace, Newfoundland

1 John Kennedy married Catherine, both of Harbor Grace before 1778

..2. William born Harbor Grace 1778 Aug. 2 married Dinah Warford 1804; (Keith Matthew file says Aug 2, 1776 )Sept 1853 GAZETTE Mr. Wm Kennedy of Hr Grace died age 78 (est.birth yr1775)

... 3. Elizabeth Kennedy July 21, 1807
... 3. Lucinda Kennedy Oct. 2, 1809 marries William Taylor 1829 St. Pauls Anglican
... 3. Jane Ann Kennedy Feb. 20, 1812
... 3. John Kennedy Sep. 4, 1814
... 3. Susanna Kennedy Apr. 24,1817 bapt Feb 1819 (KMF)
... 3. William HenryKennedy born Apr. 4, 1819 (Dec 1819-KMF) marrries Lucinda Martin 1850 St. Pauls Anglican

..... 4.John Thomas Kennedy born Mar. 28, 1857 Seal Island, Battle Harbour, Labrador

... .. 3. Robert Kennedy born July 1822 HG Methodist.......(Keith Matthews file)

...........4 James Kennedy b. 1860 son of Robert per 1889 HG list

... .. 3. Charles Kennedy born Aug 1824 HG Meth...Bears Cove (KMF)
... .. 3. Julia born April 1831 HG Methodist....(Keith matthews file)

..2. Jane Kennedy born Harbor Grace 1787 Nov. 4 (?married to a John C. Taylor)
..2. George Kennedy born Harbor Grace 1788 Nov. 27

..2 Charles Kennedy of Bears Cove married Eliza (KMF); Feb 3, 1858"Express" Mr. Charles Kennedy died at Harbour Grace Jan 21. an old inhabitant

.....3 Jonathon b. 1827 (son of Charles per HG 1889 voters list)

... 3.Catherine Eliz b. Jn 1830 HG Meth (KMF)

... 3. John Charles b. Apr. 1834 HG Meth (KMF) (John C. and Mary Ann? children George and James

.....3 George b. 1837 son of Charles (per HG voter list)

.........4 Charles b. 1857 son of George per 1889 /HG voters lists*

.........4 Willis b. 1862 son of George (per HG list)

....3. Andrew b. Apr 1838 HG Meth (KMF)

...3 Archibald b. Sept. 1842 HG Meth (KMF)


***John and Louisa Kennedy had son Charles Frederick bapt. Feb 1841 HG Meth (KMF)

Church of England Baptisms BATTLE HARBOR, Labrador

*** probably son of John 1814> Boulters Rock 5 Jan 1857 William John KANDY John & Mary Kandy

Bolters Rock 23 Apr 1859 Samuel KANDY John & Mary Kandy

Battle Harbour 28 Jul 1861 James KANDY John & Mary Kandy

SOUCES: Judy Barker's Harbour Grace Kennedy Records I and Keith Matthews Name File on Kennedys of Newfoundland (KMF)

1871 NEWS

At the Methodist Parsonage, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. John Goodison, Mr.
John Charles KENNEDY, to Miss Blanche BARLETT, both of Bears Cove.

1921 Census Harbor Grace

KENNEDY; John M Head Married 1854 Oct 67 Harbour Grace
KENNEDY; Blanch F Wife Married 1858 Apr 63 Harbour Grace
KENNEDY; Ernest M Grandson Single 1911 July 10 New Bedford, MA
KENNEDY; James M Grandson Single 1914 Aug 7 New Bedford, MA


1889 Harbour Grace Voters List*

Kennedy Charles 32 Hr. Grace George

Kennedy George 62 Hr. Grace Charles
Kennedy Willis 27 Hr. Grace George
Kennedy James 29 Hr. Grace Robert
Kennedy William 75 Hr. Grace William
Kennedy Andrew 26 Hr. Grace William
Kennedy Jonath'n 62 Hr. Grace Charles

*Transcription provided by Bonnie Hickey

East side of Harbour Grace,
including residents of Keefe's Grove, Bears Cove, Caplin Cove, Woodville
Road, Kildare Road, Carbonear Road and Old Carbonear Road:
The 1889 Voter's list recorded not only the voter's name and place of
abode, but also his age, birthplace, occupation, father's name, number
of years in electoral district, number of years in the colony of
Newfoundland, and if qualified as a householder.


Tissbury Massachusetts Deaths
Kennedy, Lucinda S. w. Capt. W[illia]m C. Nov. 11, 1835. G.R.4.