My ggf John Kennedy, son of Captain Terrence Kennedy and Mary Joy ("aunt polly") see family portrait , first came to New York from Carbonear Newfoundland in 1892 with his brother Nicholas to establish residency and find employment.  After he became a naturalized US citizen John returned home in 1896 and married Sophia Mahaney at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Parish on June 28, 1897.  They had 10 children with 9 surviving infancy all were baptized as St. Patrick's RC Church in Carbonear, Nfld.

In 1916 ,John Kennedy, a carpenter,  arrived for a second time in New York with 17 year old son "Louis A." (William Chester)on the SS Prospero Captained by his first cousin Nicholas J. Kennedy.

On June 12, 1921, when the SS Rosalind under the Command of Hiram C. Mitchell arrived at Ellis Island in New York Harbor Sophia Mahaney Kennedy and 8 of her 9 were discharged into the hands of her husband John Kennedy.    Sophia and the children were listed as members of the Ships crew and were arriving as permanent residents.   Sophia and John Kennedy raised their family in Brooklyn

II. Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1871) married 1831 Julia Kennedy (1808-

III. Terence Kennedy 1845-1935 married Mary Joy 1846-1916 Harbor Grace

IV. John Joseph Kennedy 1870-1943 married Sophia Mahaney St. Pat's RC 1897

V. William Chester "Louis" Anthony Kennedy  1899

V. Vincent   Joseph 1901 born  New Years day of the 20th century died 1914 buried Harbor

       Grace Cemetery

V. Terrence Kennedy  1903  recorded in Ellis 1921 records as Clarence

V. Agatha Kennedy   1904 -1905             (died age 1)

V. Agatha Francis Kennedy  1906-1992  my grandmother married Lou Connors of Placentia Bay in Brooklyn 1927 and raised a family there

      VI. Robert Connors married Helen Keane

       VI. Louis Joseph Connors married Margaret

        VI. Jean Connors (twin of Louis "JOE") married Walter Tomitz

        VI. John Kennedy Connors married Margaret O'Gorman Rego Park, Queens NY

              VII. Laurie Connors

                      VIII. Aimee Wootton

                       VIII. Garret Wootton

                       VIII. Alyssa Wootton

               VII. John Kennedy Connors

                VII. Daniel Louis Connors

                 VII. Louis Joseph Connors

                 VII. Joanne Connors

                       VIII. Connor Parandjuk

                        VIII.  Kira Parandjuk

                         VIII. Caitlin Parandjuk

        VI. James Joseph Connors (twin of John) married Nancy Pullman

                      VII. James Connors

                       VII. William Connors

                        VII. Julie Connors

                         VII. Thomas Connors

V. William "Bill" Kennedy  1908-

V. Nicholas Kennedy   1911-1985

V. John Kennedy 1912-2000 born Carbonear, Newfoundland died Arizona.  Married twice. second time was Agnes Jones Kennedy, wife of his Uncle Bill (b1872-) Worked for New York  Daily  News.   No Issues.

V. Isabel Kennedy  1916 born Carbonear, Nfld.; married Quelch

V. Richard "Dick" Kennedy  1919 born Carbonear, Nfld.  named for his father's  brother Richard J. Kennedy who died  WWI; married Kay Penney

         VI. Richard Kennedy

          VI. Thomas Kennedy

           VI. Catherine Kennedy Frahme

V. Rose Kennedy 1919 twin of Dick; married James Shanahan



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