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~Surname KENNEDY~

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1729* mar bt 107/489 edw new st barbara 55 ton own jn thompson catalina

Interpretation: I believe this date was a typo/ error by Dr. Matthews and 1729 is likely 1829 or 1825 as this would coincide with the registration of the Vessel St. Barbara owned by Thompson and Captained by Edward Kennedy in 1825. I would interpret it as follows Mar 1829 Great Britain Board of Trade Series 107/489 Edward Kennedy Newfoundlander Captain of 55 ton vessel Saint Barbara owned by John Thompson of Catalina, Newfoundland


Kennedy 1785 oct slade fogo Edw illit dealt with slade for 7/6/- by a/c forsuth bill on jas whitechurch brstl favour dan bryan 6/15/9 Blce due slade 10/3d TO 2 cwt bread treaclexxx(illegible)

3cxt flour


1785 October Edward Kennedy, illiterate, of Fogo dealt with Slade for 7/6/- by a/c (account?) for such bill on James Whitechurch of Bristol favour Dan Bryan 6/15/9 Balance due Slade 10/3d to 2 cwt (hundred weight) bread, ???, 3 cwt (hundred weight) flour


Kennedy 1792 oct slade fogo edw dealt with slade for 9/18/- By 14 1/2 qtl fish to incl blce due him 12/7d c/f

Interpretation: October 1792 Edward Kennedy of Fogo dealt with Slade for