Early Kennedy Marriages

DATE  Groom From  Bride From Place Married Record Source
1755            KENNEDY Terrence Crocker's Cove, Newfoundland  Mary Roman Catholic Priest, Crocker's Cove House Raised   Keith Matthews Files

1776 Oct       KENNEDY  Lawrence Fowlo ? Joan  St. John's Anglican, Newfoundland                                                                         KMF
1780              KENNEDY Hugh RYAN Eliz             St. John's Anglican, Newfoundland
1783              KENNEDY  Nicholas Crocker's Cove, Newfoundland  KING  Eliz  Crocker's Cove, Nfld  Harbor Grace Records  KMF
1788 Oct 30  KENNEDY  Terrence  CLARK  Mary  Harbor Grace Ang Church (St. Pauls)  NFGEN
1799              KENNEDY   William  Waterford City, Waterford County Ireland    SHEA Bridget St. John's, Nfld St. John's RC, Nfld     KMF
1803              KENNEDY Hugh  BB, Nfld*  WILLIAMS  Rosy BB, Nfld  St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1804              KENNEDY William  Harbor Grace, Nfld WARFORD Dinah Harbor Grace, Nfld Harbor Grace Anglican Records , Nfld  KMF
1805              KENNEDY  Patrick  BB, Nfld*   GLYNN Mary  BB, Nfld  St. John's RC, Nfld   KMF
1808              KENNEDY  Francis  Co. Tipperary  ROACH Mary Co. Waterford St. John's RC, Nfld KMF
1808              KENNEDY James  St. John's Nfld  LAKEY ?Lahey Mary St. John's, Nfld  St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1808              McCarthy Chas KENNEDY Patience BB, Nfld St. John's Roman Catholic, Nfld KMF
1811              KENNEDY Edmund  Nfld  DOYLE Eliz Nfld St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1814              KENNEDY Dennis Co. Wexford, Ireland WHITE Bridget Co. Kilkenny, Ireland St. John's RC, Nfld
1814              KENNEDY John Co. Wexford, Ireland LAHY Mary St. John's, Nfld St. John's RC, Nfld                                              KMF
1814              KENNEDY  James  Carrick (Tipp.border?) Ire CONNELLY Francis Carrick, Ire St. John's RC, Nfld KMF
1814              KENNEDY William St. John's, Nfld VINNICOME Griselda St. John's, Nfld St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1815              KENNEDY Daniel Co. Kilkenny, Ireland CONWAY Judy Co. Kilkenny, Ireland St. John's RC, Nfld KMF
1816              KENNEDY Daniel Co. Kilkenny, Ireland FITGERALD (Fitzgerald) Bridget Co. Kilkenny, Ireland St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1816              KENNEDY Patrick (perhaps same as 1819) RYAN Mary St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1819              KENNEDY Patrick Co. Kilkenny, Ireland  RYAN Mary Co. Kilkenny, Ireland St. John's RC, Nfld  KMF
1818              KENNEDY John Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford KELLY Ellen Co. Waterford (Mallenteher)  St. John's RC, Nfld KMF
1823              KENNEDY Thomas Co. Cork, Ireland Faney ? Elenor Tilton, Nfld Tilton RC, Nfld KMF

Below are additional files from research conducted by Jill Marshal that needs to be incorporated into the above index.

MARRIAGES from the St Johnís Roman Catholica Basilica (Box 8)

?Feb 7 1819   Patrick KENNEDY, Mucahee County, Kilkenny & Mary RYAN, Ponerstown/Powerstown, same County.

                       WIT: Jeffrey Power, Thomas Walsh

Feb 15? 1820   Thomas KENNEDY, of the parish of Adamstown, Co. Wexford & Anastatia WHITE, of the Parish of the same place.

                         WIT: Walter Burth??, Catrina Bryan?

Jul 9 1822        Patrick KENNEDY, of Bally Cahill, Co Tip. Bridget McDANNELL?, of ?Zoar, Co. Kilkenny.

                        WIT: Patrick Costello, Judith Brien.

Sep __ 1822    Peter DAILEY or DALLEY, Thurles, Co. Tiperary & Mary KENNEDY, St. Johnís.

                        WIT: (1st witness illegible), Mary Williams

Nov 25 1823   Michael HEARNS, Parish __nnisleagan?, Co., Kilkenny & Mary KENNEDY, of Waterford.

                        WIT: Morgan Kennedy, Mary Hartry

Dec 18 1823   William BURN, Co. Kilkenny & Honora KENNEDY, of the same place.

                        WIT: Thomas Tobin, Bridget Hanrahan

May 2? 1824   Thomas MYLES, Waterford & Alice KENNEDY, St. Johnís

                        WIT: John Downs, Eleanor Downs

Oct 27 1827   ďPowídĒ KENNEDY, Bell Island & Ellen TUCKER, residence not given.

                        WIT: George Reed, Mary Mahon

                       NOTES: 1st name of groom illegible; obtained 2 second opinions but nobody could read it.

Feb __ 1828    Tho. McNAMARA, St. Johnís &  Mary MEAGHER, Ferryland.

                        WIT: Isabel Langreshe, William Ca__a?

                        NOTES: date was illegible as it was again on the part of the page that curved in to the spine.

 June __ 1828   Jamís KENNEDY, of ?Tuleow, Co. Kilkíy? & Bridget AYLWARD, residence not given

                        WIT: Peirce Butler, Mary Roach NOTES: date illegible as per prev entry

June __ 1828   Patk CORBETT?, residence not given & Cath. MEAGHER, residence not given

                        WIT: George Curry?, Ellen Power NOTES: date illegible as per prev entry

Sep __ 1828    Timothy KENNEDY, Harbour Grace & Johanna PALMER, residence not given

                        WIT: Daniel Caus_in?, Ann? Robbinson  NOTES: date illegible as per prev entry

Nov 8 1828    Pierce KENNEDY (or KARNEDY?) of  T_am_?, Co. Waterford & Mary POWER?, residence not given.

                       WIT: John Dunn, Johanna Lavel?

Nov __ 1828   Richard LAHEY, Harbour Grace & Ellen MEAGHER, Carrick-on-Suir?

                        WIT: Janet Condon, Ellisa (or Ellen?) Power

Nov 27 1828   Patrick KENNEDY, of Sutton Parish, Co. Wexford  Mary MAHER, of Clonmel?, Co. Tipperary.

                        WIT: Nicholas Dra___?, Catherine Byrne (1st witnessís surname unable to be read as page curved in to the spine).

Dec 26 1828   Pat CONLY & Mary KENNEDY (residences not given)  WIT: Pat? Kavana(gh), Elisabeth Butler


1837              KENNEDY John  Long Pond, Nfld BUTLER Ann Long Pond, Nfld St. John's Ang, Nfld KMF


*It is not clear where BB refers to I thought it was Bonavista Bay another file at the Grand Banks site  took it to mean Bay Bulls only a look at the archives again could say for sure.

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