Nicholas Kennedy and Ellen Landen married Carbonear, Newfoundland, there is a marriage record of a Nicholas Kennedy and Helen Lawden, June 6, 1850 at St. Pat's RC. In 1866, this family was shipwrecked on its way back from Labrador in the Annie Laurie and when rescued brought to Norris Point, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland where they settled.

1852 Jun 2 John Joseph Kennedy St. Pat's Carbonear

1855 Dec 4 Mary Kennedy St. Pat's Carbonear record says Nicholas and Ellen Kennedy

1857 Sep 5 Stephen Kennedy sp: Nicholas Kennedy & Bridget Walsh; recorded parents as Nicholas Kennedy and Elsie Saunders St. Pat's Carbonear

1857 Sep 5 Jane Kennedy sp: Nicholas Kennedy & Denise Dwyer; recorded parents as Nicholas Kennedy and Elsie Saunders St. Pat's Carbonear

1861 Nov 17 Rudolphus Kennedy sp: Michael Dwyer & Anastasia Callahan, St. Pat's Carbonear (mother recorded as Ellen Landen)

1866 Apr 21 Winnifred Kennedy sp: Patrick Joy & Shea McCarthy, St. Pat's Carbonear (mother recorded as Ellen Landen)

1869 Jun 3 Daniel Kennedy sp: James Doyle & Elizabeth McCarthy last child born to this couple in Carbonear (mother recorded as Ellen Landen)

This is what Bob Murphy has

. Nicholas Kennedy. Born 1 Jan 1820 in Carbonear Newfoundland. Died 13 Dec 1895 in Norris Point, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland. Buried in RC Cemetry Norris Point, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland. Occupation Planter. Religion Roman catholic.

He married Eleanor (Ellen) Lander, daughter of John Lander & Mary Abbott. Born 6 Jun 1828 in Bonavista Newfoundland. Died 8 Oct 1902 in Norris Point Bonne Bay. Buried in RC Cemetry Norris Point Bonne Bay. Religion Roman Catholic.

They had the following children:

4 i. Stephen Kennedy born 1856 per 1921 census baptized 1857 St. Pat's

ii. Winnifred Kennedy; Born 19 Apr 1866 in Crockers Cove newfoundland. {Matches above Record}

5 iii. Charles Kennedy born 1871 Carbonear per census

iv. Joseph Kennedy; Is this John Joseph 1852?

v. Mose Kennedy; born 1840 Carbonear see 1921 census below (I THINK THIS MOSES MUST BE BROTHER OF NICHOLAS NOT SON)

vi. Andrew Kennedy; ??? born Norris pt?

vii. May Josephine Kennedy; "MARY"

viii. Lavinia Kennedy; ???? born Norris pt?

ix. Adolphus Kennedy ??? born Norris pt?

FROM the 1921 Newfoundland Census


KENNEDY; John M Head Married 1880 Jun 41 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Isabele Ann F Wife Married 1881 Aug 40 West St Modest
KENNEDY; Mose M Son Single 1903 Jul 18 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Samuel M Son Single 1907 Feb 14 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Julia Ann F Dau Single 1909 Apr 12 Norris Point
HENNEDY; Margaret F Dau Single 1911 May 10 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Mary F Dau Single 1913 Nov 7 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Adolphus M Son Single 1918 Sep 2 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Moses M Fath Widower 1840 Oct 80 Carbonear

Norris Pt. but again born Carbonear

KENNEDY; Charles M Head Married 1871 Aug 50 Carbonear
KENNEDY; Mary F Wife Married 1880 Jul 41 Syria
KENNEDY; Olga F Dau Single 1905 Nov 15 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Barbara F Dau Single 1907 Dec 13 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Geneive F Dau Single 1910 Apr 11 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Nicholas M Son Single 1912 Aug 9 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Maud F Dau Single 1914 Dec 6 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Toleen F Dau Single 1917 Aug 4 Norris Point (census error: EILEEN)
KENNEDY; Lavina M F Dau Single 1921 Jan 7M Norris Point (LAVINA M. stands for Maugerite)1

Norris Pt. Carbonear Born

KENNEDY; Stephen M Head Married 1856 Sep 64 Carbonear
KENNEDY; Elizabeth F Wife Married 1868 Apr 53 Bay St. George
KENNEDY; Amethia F Dau Single 1905 May 16 Norris Point
KENNEDY; Robert M Son Single 1906 Oct 14 Norris Point