The Kennedy' s of Hibb's Hole in the District of Port de Grave (Bay Roberts), Island of Newfoundland.

In the book "Heritage of a Newfoundland Outport, the Story of Port de Grave", Gerald W. Andrews, claims that the Settler Families of the north side of Hibbs Cove (in Port de Grave) were originally Catholics. He includes "the Kennedys, probably of Catholic origin, came to the north side of Hibb's Hole to occupy "Cliff Path" in 1735" (p.37)

Other early settlers in Port de Grave: the Heffermans in 1755 (IRISH), the Pettons (Pettens) in 1758 (JERSEY), and the Lears came in 1759 (Jersey and Isle of Wight)

Originally settled by

1.John and Mrs. Kennedy, 1745 built per 1805 plantation book

2.William; land to go to Wm. son of Jn. at Widow's demise; 1800 per 1805 plantation book

Edward land deeded to him in his grandfather's will 1800

1. John and Sarah KENNEDY

......2 Patience KENNEDY (May 18, 1788-1855) married Samuel Dawe 1808; wit: Wm. Lampen and Wm. Kennedy

......2 William KENNEDY (May, 8, 1790-) (KMF)

Death Records

1791 Jan 27 Kennedy, Dennis St. Paul's Anglican Church source NGB (This may be Trinity double check)

1793 Kennedy, John sevant to Mr. John Jeffrey St. Paul's Anglican Church source NGB

1825 Will of William Kenedy

1830 Mar 13 Kennedy, Grace Hibbs Hole 97 years (puts birth at 1737) Port de Grave Anglican Burials Newfoundland's Grand Banks

1830 Jun 7 Kenedy, Catherine age 84 years Harbor Grace Burial (puts birth at 1746) NGB

Conception Bay 1805 Plantation Records pg. 93 Newfoundland Gen WEB



Willm. Kennedy 6 yds. from E. to W. by the Waterside bounded on the E. by Edw. Petten's flake on the W. by Edw. Kennedy 14 yds. from S. to N. bounded on the S. by Edw. Patten's Flake and on the N. by Edw. Kennedy's Another plot to the N. of the Path 80 yds. from E. to W. bounded on the E. by Edw. Petton on the W. John Bishop's Garden 61 yds. from S. to N. bounded on the S. by Edward Kennedy and on the N. by Edward Petton. The widow to enjoy 1/3 of the gardens during her natural life at her demise to be the sole property of Wm. Kennedy (Jno. Kennedy's son) Agreeable to the Will.

claimant Wm. Kennedy bequeathed to him by his Grandfather's Will; resident or occupier Wm. Kennedy;Built; 1745; not leased or sold



Edward Kennedy 6 yds. from W. by the Waterside Bd. on the E. by Wm. Kennedy's stage on the W. by Edward Petton 82 yds. from N.E. to S.W. bounded on the N.E. by Henry Larne on the S.W. by Wm. Kennedy 27 yds. from H.W.M. to the N. on the S. bounds bounded on the N. by Wm. Kennedy's fence 72 yds. from H.W.M. on the N. bounds bounded on the N. by Edward Petton. 1 House 1 Garden ;

claimant Edward Kennedy bequeathed to him by his Grandfather's Will; resident or proprietor Ed. Kennedy; no buildings;1800; not leased or sold


1817 Port de Grave Inhabitants 27th of September 1817 NGB

Men Women Children Suppliers Name Means of Providing

#100 John Kenedy 1 1-mother 3 Johnston Well Off

#144 Mrs. Kenedy 1 1 Johnston Well Off

#145 Wm. Kenedy 1 1 Johnston Bad Off


St. Paul's Anglican Church Records BRIDES Harbor Grace 1776-1899 KENNEDY WOMEN

19 [illegible] 1777 Katherine Kennedy & Thomas Keaton ?

1 Jan 1780 Ann Kennedy & William Martin Jnr.

30 Nov 1780 Jane Kennedy & Florence MaCarthy (macarty)

25 Nov 1782 Bridget Kennedy & John Patton

2 Jan 1784 Julia Kennedy & Darby Hartery (Hartley?)

14 Oct 1790 Patience Kennedy & John Daw

10 Jan 1829 Lousinda Kenedy & William Taylor

[28?] Nov 1822 Patience Kenedy & Charles Butt or Minchin

11 May 1835 Julia Kenedy & William Trotter Ewan

10 Sep 1842 Bridget Kennedy

7 Feb 1850 Catherine Kennedy

7 Jan 1858 Ann Kennedy

St. Paul's Anglican Church Harbor Grace Marriages GROOMS KENNEDY

1783 Oct 31 Nicholas Kennedy & Elizabeth King

1790 Sep 17 Anne see Harbor Grace Roman Catholic Records

1790 Sep 17 Sarah see Harbor Grace Roman Catholic Records

1804 Dec 13 William Kennedy & Patience Roberts

1834 Dec 34 Jonathon Kenedy & Sarah Muran

1850 May 30 William Kennedy & Lucinda Martin


St. Paul's Anglican Baptismal Records Harbor Grace 1775-1889

Kennedy William 2 Aug 1776

Kennedy John 15 Nov 1778

Kennedy Mary 29 Jan 1779

Kennedy William 12 Oct 1781

Kennedy Jonathan Shepherd 30 Dec 1781
Kennedy Elizabeth 25 Nov 1782

Kennedy George 14 Mar 1784

Kennedy Patience 18 May 1788

Kennedy George 27 Nov 1788
Kennedy Jane 4 Nov 1787

Kennedy William 8 May 1790

Kennedy John 17 Sep 1790

Kennedy Sarah 29 Dec 1791

Kennedy John 29 Dec 1791
Kennedy Elizabeth 29 Dec 1791
Kennedy Elizabeth 24 Jan 1792

Kennedy William 24 Jan 1792

Kennedy Terrence 1 Jan 1796

Kennedy Betsy Curtis 28 Dec 1797
Kennedy Elizabeth 6 Jan 1808

Kennedy Lucinda 31 Oct 1809
Kennedy Jane Ann 14 Jun 1812
Kennedy John 11 Sep 1814

Kennedy Susanna 16 Feb 1819

Kennedy William Henry 23 Jan 1820

Kenedy William 11 Jan 1837

(HIBBS HOLE) Port de Grave 1911 Census

KENNEDY Samuel Hibbs Hole head widower 1848 September Hibb's Hole
KENNEDY Charles son married 1885 July
KENNEDY Dinia d-i-law married 1891 August Pick Eyes
KENNEDY Robert J. gr son single Hibb's Hole

KENNEDY William Hibb's Hole head married 1849 June Long Pond
KENNEDY Sarah Anne wife married 1855 April Ship Cove
KENNEDY Jacob T son single 1885 September Hibb's Hole
KENNEDY Elsie daug single 1887 July
KENNEDY George son single 1892 August
KENNEDY Emmaline daug single 1895 November