Great, great grandfather Skipper Terence Kennedy (1845-1937) and gggm Mary Joy with 4 of their 10 children circa 1907 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.

Terence was one of three Kennedy brothers born to Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881) and Julia Kennedy (1809-1892) of Crocker's Cove, Newfoundland. Siblings of Terence were Mary Kennedy Forristall, Grace Kennedy Hayden (1836-1922), Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) and Nicholas Kennedy (1848-1919). The 3 bros. were schooner captains and fished off the coast of Labrador their parents were Nicholas and Julia Kennedy of Crocker's Cove. Captain Terence Kennedy's sons William, John, Nich., and Terence were in Boston at the time of this photo. Captain William Kennedy was a master mariner in Boston Harbor. John and Nich. went to NYC and Ter. to New Haven, Connecticut.