Timothy Kennedy (the info. below is not from the Estate File Films it is from the PANL archives; when the opportunity arises I will check it against the Filmed Estate to see if there is additional info) It is possible that Father and Son are both deceased and daughter in law is petitioning for her deceased husband Timothy's portion of his deceased father's estate.

from PANL GN5/3/B/19 box 77 file 91

Letter: Re Estate of John Kennedy of Harbor Grace dated 24 April 1832


I have the ____________ and affidavits of Julia Kennedy of this place praying Administration to the Estate of her late Husband Timothy Kennedy to ___________

Claim upon the estate during the present term of the circuit court.

Per __________

Chief of the Supreme Court

Note: While parts of the Letter are unreadable, it is obvious from what can be read, that Julia Kennedy , the widow of Timothy Kennedy is requesting that administration of her late husband’s estate be granted to her. I can only assume that John Kennedy left property to a son Timothy who was Julia’s husband, and she is looking to have the matter settled.


This research was done by Barbara McGrath (Certified Genealogist, Harbour Main Coordinator, Grand Banks Site www.ngb.chebuctor.org/ )