Grace Kennedy Hayden (born Carbonear 1834- died 1922 Bay de Verde) who married Capt. Richard Hyden [Hayden] 1858 at St. Pat's RC Carbonear was the daughter of Nicholas Kennedy and Julia Kennedy married 1831 of Crocker's Cove and that she was not the dau. of Terence and Jane Kennedy who were married 1818. (These 2 Grace's were first cousins and there has been some confusion)

There are 2 Grace Kennedy's born in the 1830's in Carbonear (that we know of), first cousins, daughters of 2 Kennedy Siblings- brother Terence Kennedy (born 1796 and m. 1818 Jane Kennedy )and his sister Julia Kennedy (born 1808 and m. 1831 Nicholas Kennedy) and yes the maiden names of Jane & Julia were the same as the men they married ;o)

Each couple had dau. named Grace Kennedy
Grace(1) born Oct 28 1832 was the dau. of Terence and Jane Kennedy...according to
Harbor Grace Parish records at Judy Barker's site
Grace (2) born 1834/1836? dau of Nicholas Kennedy and Julia Kennedy....

The question has been which Grace Kennedy married Robert King and which married Richard Hayden.

Since the Haydens and Kennedys marry again later (Julia Kennedy ~b.1879 m.St. Pat's RC Carbonear, abt. 1910, Luke Hayden~ b.1879) I knew the Hayden and Kennedy families to be close, with both living in Harbour Grace area and both fishing nearby Emily Harbour at Labrador. I had always assumed that it was the dau. Grace (2) of Nicholas and Julia that married Richard Hayden. The question had arisen before and it had been (supposedly) settled that Grace (1) (of Ter & Jane) married Hayden and Grace of Nich.& Julia had married Robert King.

--I never felt this to be correct and so looked to confirm it either way; that is what genealogists do after all and so please do not think I am disavowing the KING line. They still all had the same grandparents and still descend from Terence Kennedy and Mary Clarke of Crocker's Cove, married 1783---

I offer the following reasons why Grace of Nicholas and Julia was the one who married Captain Richard Hayden:

1. Grace Kennedy Hayden names two of her children Nicholas and Julia

2. Grace Kennedy Hayden sponsors "Julia Eliza" dau of Thomas Forristall and Mary Kennedy (the only Other Dau of Nicholas and Julia K who would be her only sister)

3. Grace Kennedy Hayden sponsors "Mary Josephine" dau. of Mary Joy & Terence Kennedy (son of Nich & JuliaK and Grace's youngest brother)

4. "Anty Gracie" Hayden sponsors "William" son of Margaret Hamilton & Nicholas Kennedy (son of Nich. and Julia K. and Grace's other brother) ;

5. If Grace Kennedy 2 (dau of Nicholas and Julia) was the one who supposedly married Robert King in 1854 then why were none of her children named for her parents or gp (Nicholas, Julia, or her gp Nicholas&Grace) and why was not one of her siblings (the above mentioned Nich, Jn, Ter, Mary) a sponsor for any of her children? The only Kennedy sponsor for the Kennedy-King children was an Edward Kenendy and Grace 1 (b. 1832 dau of Ter & Jane Kennedy had a sibling Edward) also see births-maiden name Kennedy and Kennedy births Harbor Grace Parish Records

6. The witnesses to Grace Kennedy's 1854 marriage to Robert King --William Kennedy and Grace Kennedy (this could be 1st cousin Grace before she married Hayden) William was also the name of Grace and Robert King's first son (so
does anyone have a Robert King circa 1830 born to a William King?)

None of the children of the Kennedy-King marriage match either the naming patterns of Nicholas and Julia or Terence and Jane

I believe she may be a 3rd Grace Kennedy b. 1830s. Nothing seems to link Grace Kennedy King as dau. of Nicholas and Julia Kennedy except her name; she links as dau. to Terr. and Jane Kennedy only as having an Edward as a sponsor for one of her children. If you look at the KING-Kennedy children I would guess this Grace's parents to be a John and Mary with possible brothers Edward and William Kennedy born 1820s-1830s. This also leads me to assert the possibility that we may have the missing line of JOHN KENNEDY 1809 here but that is a whole other can of worms/ancestors.

I claim Grace KENNNEDY HAYDEN as OUR Grace, dau. of Nicholas and Julia Kennedy and sister of my gggf Terence.Kennedy (1845-1935). His baptismal sponsors were TIMOTHY HYDEN (brother of Capt. Richard Hayden who married Sarah McDonald) and Sarah Kennedy;

Terence's dau Julia 1879 is sponsored by LAWRENCE HAYDEN, ( son of Richard and Grace Kennedy Hayden born 1859; and Julia eventually marries LUKE Joseph HAYDEN;(son of Richard Hayden and Margaret Fallon; grandson of Skipper Timothy Hayden bro. of Skipper Dick Hayden )

Anty Grace Hayden is also a sponsor of Ter.'s grandchild John Kennedy (b. 1912) son of John & Sophia Kennedy (my ggp) and another of their children Jospeh Vincent Kennedy (1901-1914) is sponsored by Timothy Hayden (Grace and Richard's son).

And for the final indication that it was Grace, dau. of Nich & Julia, who married Skipper Dick Hayden;
Grace Hayden and brother Terence Kennedy were the last surviving children of Nicholas and Julia in 1921; there is only one adult Terence Kennedy in Harbour Grace in the 1921 census, my gggf son of Nich. & Julia and so he must be the brother Terence mentioned in Grace Hayden's obit. The other Ted Kennedy's in 1921 census are born post 1875 and too young to be Grace's generation.

7. The Obituary of Grace Kennedy Hayden
Sat. Mar. 18, 1922 Deaths Hayden
"SJ Daily News- Passed peacefully away at Kingston, Bay de Verde, on the 7th
ulto., Mrs. R. HAYDEN, known as Aunt Gracie to the whole district, aged 88 years.**
She leaves to mourn two sons, John, at the old home, and Timothy at Hr.
Grace, and one daughter, Sr. M. LACHINE, fifteen grand children and six
great-grand children; also one brother Terrence KENNEDY, Hr. Grace.
Montreal papers please copy"

**This puts her birth at 1834 and contradicts Family Bible which states Feb1.1836

Family Bible Record