O'DONNELL early names in Newfoundland by E.R. Seary

a variant of the surname of Ireland (O) Donnelly, O'Donnghaile, Ireland donn-brown-galvalour. (MacLysaght)
Traced by MacLysaght to Co Tyrone.
Early instances in Newfoundland:

Martin Domilly, servant of Harbour Main, 1755 (MUN History);

Thomas Donnelly, labourer of St John's, 1779 (co 194-34);

Timothy Donnolly, of St Mary's Bay, 1804 (D'Alberti 14);

Pat Donnelly, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1807 (NFLD Archives HGRC);

James Donnelly from Piltown (Co Kilkenny) married at St John's, 1830 (NFLD Archives BRC);

John Donnelly, captain of the Earl Grey, Spaniard's Bay, 1937 (Newfoundlander 2 Feb 1837);

William of Harbour Grace, 1857 (Newfoundlander 18 June 1857);

John, master mariner of Carbonear, 1871 (Lovell).

Modern status; Scattered especially at St John's


a surname of Ireland, O Domhnaill (MacLysaght) See O' Donald
Traced by MacLysaght in Cos Clare, Donegal and Galway.

Early Instance in Newfoundland:

James R O'Donnel, clergyman of St John's, 1794-5, "12yrs in NFLD," that is , 1782-3 (Census 1794-5);

Thomas O'Donel from Fetheard (Co Tipperary) married at St John's 1793 (NFLD Archives, BRC);

William O'Donnal, of Ragged Harbour (now Melrose), 1815, of Riders Harbour, : 1816 (NFLD Archives KCRC);

Michael O'Donnell alias Michael Clarke, from Modiling (Co Waterford), of Paradise (unspecified), died 1816 (Royal Gazette 16 July 1816);

Joanna O'Donnal, of Catalina, 1821 (NFLD Archives KCRC);

John O'Donnel, of Greenspond, 1823 (NFLD Archives KCRC);

John O'Donnell, of Harbour Grace Parish, 1824 (NFLD Archives HGRC);

Edward O'Donnell or O'Donald, of Isle Valen, deceased 1828 (Newfoundlander 11 Sept 1828,16 July 1829);

Catherine O'Donnoll, of Bonaviste, 1831 (NFLD Archives KCRC);

John O'Donnell, of Placentia, 1838 (Newfoundlander 6 December 1838);

John F., Cahir, Tipperary of St John's, deceased 1855 (Newfoundlander 16 August 1855);

Catherine, of Harbour Grace, 1866 (NFLD Archives HGRC);

Rev. R, of Burin 1871 (Lovell)

Modern status: Scattered, especially at St John's
Place name: O'Donnells 47-04-53-34


Seary, E.R. ( 1998) Edited by William Kirwan. Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland. McGill-Queen's University Press