Just some info on O'rouke in Holyrood. This is he who started a line there.

Came from Ireland in 1821.

Holy Cross RC Cemetary, Southside Holyrood gravestone reads:
Erected by Michael O'Rourke
in memory of his father Michael
native of Thomastown Co., Kilkenny, Ir.
died 1881

Veitch, Mary G. "Come Ashore to Holyrood" 1989: p. 127 "The name
(O'Rourke) goes back to the early 1800's when Michael O'Rourke and his wife
Mary landed in Holyrood."

One source, and the above quotes fits, has them marrying in 1825 ... so it
is possible they came to Nfld. with their families and then married.

A note from Sheree, one of the Holyrood genealogy interest group, says "He
landed on the south side of Holyrood, Nfld., known as the Grove, with his
wife Mary. She was a native of Ardmore Co., Waterford, Ireland. They had 9
children, 6 boys and 3 girls."

1881 Feb 05 - Gazette; Evening Telegram; Harbour Grace Standard
Michael Rourke, native of Thomas Town, Co. Kilkenny, died at Holyrood aged
82 on the 11th. He was here 61 years.