PENDERGAST, a surname of England and Ireland and
recorded in Scotland by Black, from the Welsh place
name Prendergast (Pembrokeshire), ? - castle village.
(sic) (Cottle, Black, MacLysaght).
Traced by Spiegelhalter in Devon and by MacLysaght
especially in Cos. Mayo and Tipperary.

In Newfoundland:
Early instances:

William Pendergrast, publican of St John's, 1794 - 5, "30 years in Newfoundland," that is, 1764 - 5

(Census 1794 -5);

William Pendergrass, of Petty Harbour, 1776 (DPHW 26C);

William Pendergrast, in possession of property and shoreman of Quidi Vidi 1794 - 5, "14 years in

Newfoundland," that is, 1780-1 (Census 1794-5);

Michael Pendergast, from Dublin, Irish convict landed at Petty Harbour or Bay Bulls,`1789 (CO 199.18);

Mary Pendergast of Harbour Grace Parish, 1806 (Nfld. Archives HGRC);

William Prendergast, from Co. Wexford, cooper of St. John's, died 1812 (Royal Gazette 14 May 1812);

James Pendergast, of King's Cove, 1816 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);

William, of Ragged Harbour (now Melrose), 1817 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);

James Prendergast, of Harbour Grace 1830 (Nfld. Archives HGRC);

James L. of Carbonear, 1837 (Newfoundlander 18 May 1837);

Catherine, from Co. Kilkenny, of Brigus, 1844 (Indicator 24 Aug 1844);

Sarah Ann Perdergoss, of Hants Harbour, 1848 (DPHW 59);

Edward Prendergast, granted land at Admirals Cove (north side of Cape Broyle), 1857 (Nfld. Archives, Registry

Crown Lands);

William Prendergrast, of Cupids, 1871 (Lovell);

Peter, of Holyrood, 1871 (Lovell);

Matthew, farmer of Logy Bay, 1871 (Lovell);

Michael, farmer of Salmon Cove and Gasters (Conception B.), 1871 (Lovell);

Philip Prendergrass, of Barren Island (now Bar Haven), 1871 (Lovell).

Modern status: Scattered in the east coast districts.