Evening Telegram October 1, 1912 (Tuesday)

"Schooner Lost.

Last month at Grffin's Hr., Labrador,
Capt. W.J. Kennedy lost his fine schooner of 80 tons, the 'M.S. Ayre'. Capt. Kennedy has had a hard stroke of luck for several years. Some 8 years ago in coming herte from Carbonear in the little schr. 'Pioneer' he was driven to sea in a gale, was picked off by the S.S. Rotterdam, with his crew and brought to Rotterdam after being given up as lost, and he was severely hurt and was in hospital there for weeks. The Ayre went down salt laden and was to bring a fish cargo to Halifax. She had discharged some of it when a gale sprung up and both anchors dragged and she was swept ashore. There were on board the captain and 5 men of a crew with several of Costigan's crew and they all had to jump ashore on the rocks at the risk of their lives. The vessel was only partly insured in the Brigus scheme and Capt. Kenndy suffers a severe loss. She was to take a load of fish to halifax.

Another schooner, owned by Capt. Dwyer, of Holyrood, the 'X 10 U S', was lost in the same gale. She was a vessel of 30 tons, laden with fish but the cargo was all saved. The vesssel was insured."

[* An article later this same month reported the death of Capt. John Kennedy of Carbonear, and said he was the father of Capt. W.J. Kennedy - Tom.]