Source Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada CD Memorial University of Newfoundland

obtained by Len Seymour

HUNTER, 38 ton Schooner (50'x14'x7'), built 1832 Cat's Cove, CB., reg. 1832,
S832033, closed 1836 - Registered De Novo.
Owner: Hames Niner Harris, Merchant of Brigus, CB.

Other Owners of this Ship:

1836 - 1839: S836034, to Edward Pike, Mariner of St. John's.

1839 - 1845: S839082, to Michael Martin and John Magrath, Farmers/Planters
of King's Cove, BB. Closed 1845 - Lost at Sea.

The registry of these vessels (2 & 3) predates the introduction of official
number use and cannot be traced with absolute certainty. However the vessel
names, tonnage, construction dates and places along with the registry and
closure dates coincide and indicate that the previous and subsequent owners
listed are correct. Len Seymour