Source Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada CD Memorial University of Newfoundland

obtained by Len Seymour

INDUSTRY, 43 ton Schooner (49'x14'x7'), built 1825 Heart's Delight, TB.,
reg. 1830, S830046, closed 1834 - Registered De Novo.

Owners: John Kenna and James Brazil, Fishermen of St. John's.

Other Owners of this Ship:

1825 - 1834: S825024, to James Wiseman Sr. and James Wiseman Jr., Merchants
of Heart's Delight, TB.

1834 - 1837: S834038, to Robert Job and Thomas Bulley Job, Merchants of St.

1837 - 1837: S837037, to John Steer, Mariner of St. John's. Closed 1837 -
Lost At Sea.