Source: Ships and Seafarers of Atlandtic Canada Maritime History Archives Memorial University of Newfoundland

obtained by Len Seymour

Captain Lawrence Kennedy 1885 registered the Lavina at St. John's Newfounland

LAVINA (this is the correct spelling), 71 ton Schooner (73'x23'x8'), built
1876 Lunenburg, NS., reg. 1885, S885092, official # 074011, closed 1901 -
Lost at Sea - Nfld. North Coast.
Owner: James P. Fox, Merchant of St. John's.

An Earlier ship with a similar name which may have some connection since the Taylor Owner's were from Carbonear but perhaps no relation at all since the above Lavina Captained by Lawrence Kennedy in 1885 was built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

LAVINIA, 91 ton Schooner (63'x19'x10'), built 1832 Heart's Content, TB.,
reg. 1835, S835072, closed 1843 - Registered De Novo.
Owners: William and Edward Taylor, Farmers/Planters of Carbonear.
Vessel re-registered to same owners in 1843, S843008, closed 1854 -
Registered De Novo.

Other Owners of the LAVINIA:
1832 - 1835: Robert Ayles, Merchant of Carbonear.
1854 - Unknown: John Munn, Merchant of Harbour Grace.