Source Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada Memorial University of Newfoundland

Vessel Registry

Registration No S841092 Length(ft) 52

Official No. Width(ft) 15

Depth (ft) 9

Builder Surname Gross Tonnage 51

Builder First name Net Tonnage

Vessel Name. Gannet Registered Tonnage

Where Prev. Registered ST JOHNS NFLD Year Registered 1841

Year Prev. Registered 1840 Official Closure Year 1868

Place Constructed NEW BRUNSWICK Reason for Closure 12

Year Constructed 1840 Place of Closure: Labrador

No of Decks 1 Actual Closure Date 1867

No of Masts 2 If Foreign Sold, Where?

Type of Vessel Schooner Horse Power


Registration No. S841092

Owners Surname: MCBRIDE

Owners First Name: PETER

Owners Initial:

Owners No. 01

Occupation: Merchant

Residence: ST JOHNS NFLD

RC Country: Canada

RRegion: Newfoundland


Partnership Division: 01

Was Owner the Builder: yes

Shares: 64

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