Source: Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada Maritime History Archives Memorial University of Newfoundland

NATIVE LASS, 23 to Schooner, 42' x 12' x 7', built 1838 Carbonear, CB.,
registered 1838, S838111, closed (official) 1859 - Lost Per Annual List.
Owner and Builder: James Doyle, Mariner of Carbonear.

1887 Death of Maurice Doyle

CASUALTIES AT LABRADOR - We regret to have to chronicle the occurrence at Labrador of several fatal casualties, particulars of which have been received the the S.S. Plover. The first we have to notice is that which happened to an old and much respected inhabitant of Carbonear - Capt. Maurice DOYLE. The circumstances attending the death of the lamented deceased are these: He, it seems, with his youngest son, was engaged in setting a salmon net, and during the time he complained of feeling weak. After a short interval, the son asked his father how he was getting on, then he noticed that he was fainting; and he made all haste for home. On arriving there no time was lost in getting the unfortunate man to bed and apply such restoratives as it was hoped would arouse him but all to no purpose. He rallied for a short time and spoke a few words in prayer. In a few moments, the death struggle was past, and Capt. Maurice DOYLE, was no more. The cause of death is believed to have been heart disease. Mr. DOYLE was in his 72nd year, and was hale and hearty. The name of Maurice DOYLE will be remembered by Newfoundlanders as well here as outside the country; he was one of our oldest planters, dealing for many years with the late firm of Messrs. Ridley & Sons and lattely with Messrs. John Munn & Co. of this town. It was he who commanded the old packet boat Native Lass, referred to in the stanzas on "dear old Newfoundland" which appeared in these columns a few weeks ago. He was also in charge of the packets Nora Greena and Friends. He was engaged, upwards of forty years as packet master and mail carrier between Carbonar and Portugal Cove. Mr. DOYLE during all that time was noted for geniality and large-heartedness, and won the respect and esteem of all who travelled with him. To the poor man he was a friend indeed; no unfortunate wayfarer, lacking the wherewithal to procure a passage, was ever left ashore by him. Thus, has another old inhabitant of the old colony passed over to the ranks of the great majority. The late Mr. DOYLE'S remains were brought home for interment by the S.S. Plover. The funeral services which took place at Carbonear yesterday afternoon, were conducting by His Lordship Bishop MacDonald. The remains were followed to their last resting place by a large number of the citizens, of all classes, of Carbonear, besides many from Harbor Grace. His family and friends have our deep sympathy JULY 30, 1887

Considering your time frame and the fact that your Maurice Doyle was
associated with two Harbour Grace Firms of Munn and Ridley, here are the
only two vessels by that name which fit:

NATIVE LASS, 50 ton Schooner (66'x18'x9'), built 1869 TB., reg. 1870,
S870012, official# 059014, closed 1900 - Lost at Sea - Seal Cove, BB.
Owner: Thomas Harrison Ridley, Merchant of Harbour Grace.

NATIVE LASS, 36 ton Schooner (58'x16'x7'), built 1870 TB., reg. 1870,
S870064, official # 059051, closed 1882 - Broken Up - Harbour Grace.
Owner: John Munn, Merchant of Harbour Grace.

Note: In both cases, the Partnership divisor was given as 01 and the number
of shares held was 64, which indicate that there was one person with sole
ownership of each vessel.