Source Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada Memorial University of Newfoundland

Vessel Registry

Registration No S832028 Length (ft) 58

Official No. Width (ft) 16

Depth (ft) 8

Builder Surname Gross Tonnage 64

Builder First name Net Tonnage

Vessel Name. ORION Registered Tonnage

Where Prev. Registered Year Registered 1832

Year Prev. Registered Official Closure Year 1836

Place Constructed BARREN ISLAND PB Reason for Closure 4

Year Constructed 1814 Place of Closure: ST JOHNS NFLD

No of Decks 1 Actual Closure Date 1836

No of Masts 2 If Foreign Sold, Where?

Type of Vessel Schooner Horse Power


Registration No. S832028

Owners Surname: MICHELL

Owners First Name: JOHN

Owners Initial:

Owners No. 01

Occupation: Farmer/Planter

Residence: ST JOHNS NFLD

RC Country: Canada

RRegion: Newfoundland


Partnership Division: 01

Was Owner the Builder: yes

Shares: 64

In 1867 the Brigatine Orion owner James Keefe and crew were blown by a gale out of Corbetts Harbor and all would have surely perished if not having been rescued by Captain Fitzgerald, schooner AVALON, off Belle Isle.

From the Canadian Ships Database:

Vessel Name: ORION Official No.: 34595
Former Name: Nationality: Canadian
Vessel Function: Pendant Number:
Naval Class: Hull Number:
Constructed Registered
Date: 18640000 Date: 18640000
City: Rollo Bay Number:
Province: Prince Edward Island Port:
Country: Canada City: Charlottetown
Details: Province: Prince Edward Island
Vessel Description
Rigging Style: Brigantine No. of masts:
Gross Tonnage: 143 No. of decks:
Tonnage Net: 143 No. of Galleries:
Length: Hull Build:
Breadth: Type of Stern:
Depth: Hull Material: Wood
Propulsion: Figurehead?: N
Figurehead Description:
Source Reference: Public Archives - ** RG 42 Volume 1374, ** Original References Vol.# 163 Reel # C-3179 Page # 85
Remarks: Registry closed March 30, 1865.