"Harbor Grace Standard and Conception Bay Advertiser"

May 7, 1862

The following is a list of Sealing vessels arrived here up to this date


Wave, PIKE 78 seals

Superior, KENNEDY 851
Mary, LEWIS, clean -manus
Echo, PIKE 1,325
Louisa, BARTLETT 663
Medora, MURPHY 3,871
Rusina, BENSON 234
Robert Arthur, DAVIS, 629
William, COURAGE, 19
Orient, TAYLOR, 370
Harriet-Ridley, JOYCE 243
Union, PIKE 800
Adamant, ALCOCK 1,950
Thomas Ridley, THISTLE,
Elizabeth & William, STEPHENSON


Curlew, O'NEIL 3,313
Commissary, NOEL 1,340
Union, PARSONS, 700
Dash, SMART 17 manus.
Three Sisters, FACEY 28
United Brothers, FITZGERALD


1863 Superior Captain Kennedy for Maddock

1866 Kennedy Superior from Carbonear outfitted by Maddock

1867 Newspaper tidbit

March 13, 1867, the 138 ton vessel Superior with 49 men supplied by J & R MADDOCK was cleared for the seal fishery out of Carbonear.

The Superior, KENNEDY, master, belonging to the firm of J. & R. MADDOCK of Carbonear was lost some days since near the Funk Island, her crew and seals (about 300) were brought in by a schooner from Green Bay.

Source archived newspaper transriptions Harbor Grace Standard & Conception Bay Advertiser

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