May 20, 1794

I, Patrick Kennedy (spelled Kenedy in the will) of Gallows Cove in Harbour Main, Newfoundland do make this my last will and testament, first I resign my soul to the Creator whenever it is his Divine measure Separate it from my body of then that body to the earth to be buried in a Decent manner as it becomes a Christian and as to what worldly I may die professed. I desire to be disposed of in manner and form following. In the first place, I request that my Wife may carry on this voyage of Discharge what Debts of charges attend it and likewise what debt I owe Mr. William Danson as being Chief Creditor and likewise any other trifling Debt I owe any other person lawfully.

Secondly, I bequeath unto James Kennedy, my eldest son, half of my Room with the fifth part of Meadows and Gardens belonging to me elsewhere (saving the room on the Southward point called Tobin ?? room). He is to have my barking pan and a 6 ft Run with the two cows.

Thirdly, I bequeath unto John Kennedy, my second eldest son the other half of my Room one fifth part of my Meadows and Gardens two small ?? and two small cows.

Fourthly, I bequeath to Bridget Kennedy, my Eldest Daughter, the room on the Southward point called Tobin ?? Room the two cows and

Fifthly, I bequeath to Elizabeth and Mary Kennedy, two cows each, Twine, the three fifths of the Garden and Meadows I bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth and Mary, there is one feather bed to be given to my son James and one bed amongst my three daughters and as my wife is now with child of no provision made for the child unborn it is my will that they all and each of the children shall make even part for it out of their shares. Saving that the Room remained exempt from any charge to James & John.

I request that my Brother, John Kennedy and Timothy Toole shall be Executors of this my last will and testament.

Contributed by Judy Barker NGB



1.James Kennedy d.1776 (likely wifes name was BRIDGET/Mary)

..2 Patrick Kennedy(bef. 1776- d.1794) Gallows Cove, Harbour Main, Newfoundland

....3 James Kennedy Gallows Cove, Harbour Main possibly married Mary Mackey

..3 John Kennedy (before 1776; son of Patrick d. 1794) married Ann/Anastasia Penney Harbour Grace

..........4 Patrick Kennedy(b. Oct. 12, 1812) HGRC sp: Henry SHEA & Eliz. KENNEDY

..........4 Anna Kennedy (b. Oct. 28, 1816) HG RC sp: James BURKE & Bridget MACKEY

..........4 Bridget Kennedy (b. Oct 26, 1818 HG RC sp: Wm. MacDONALD & Mary MACKEY

........4 Mary Kennedy (b. Feb 25, 1821) HGRC sp: Thomas KIEFFE & Jane PENNY

...........4 Elizabeth Kennedy (b. May 9, 1823) sp: Thomas Casey & Elizabeth Pennedy

........4 James Kennedy (b. May 8, 1825) HGRC sp: Michael WALSH & Ann DELENY

....... 4 Margaret Kennedy (b. Mar. 25, 1827) HGRC sp: Patrick KINNAN & Margaret CROAKE

........4 John Kennedy ? (b. Mar 28, 1828) HGRC sp: John PENNY & Elizabeth MEANY

.......4 William Kennedy b. Mar 28, 1829 sp:John PENNY & Elizabeth MEANY

..........4 Jane Kennedy (b. April 17, 1831) HGRC sp: Michael MEANY & Anne MEANY

....3 Bridget Kennedy (born before 1794;1780s) married Wm Cotter 1819?

.......4 Catherine Cotter (b. July 18, 1824) HGRC sp: William TURNER & Johanna SUMMERS

.......4 John Cotter (b. Feb 18, 1827) HGRC sp: Patrick KINNAN & Margaret CROAKE

........4 Michael Cotter (b. Oct. 15, 1830) HGRC sp: Coleman McCARTHY & Catherine WHELAN

....3 Elizabeth Kennedy (born before 1794;1780s) married Jan 01, 1805 - Patrick Delaney of Parish of Enestiague?, Co. Kilkenny to Elizabeth Kennedy of Hr. Main by Rev. M.McDonel in the presence of Patrick Walsh and Bridget Kennedy then Dec 06, 1811 - Laurence Byrne of Parish of St. Martins, Co. Carlow to Elizabeth Delaney aka Kennedy of Hr. Main by Rev. M.McDonel in the presence of Terrence Kavanagh, Richard Alward and Mary Walsh.

.........4 John BURNS (b. Sep. 5, 1819) HGRC sp: Humphrey CRAWLY & Mary MACKY

...3 Mary Kennedy

....3 Unborn Child 1794

..2 John Kennedy (born 1762 Harbour Main d. May 14, 1811 Harbour Main) married Mary ?(1765-1855) Buried Old Irish RC cemetery, Gallows Cove, Harbour Main

.....3 Patrick Kennedy (born 1780s)married

.....3 John Kennedy (born 1780s) married

.....3 Bridget Kennedy born abt. 1787 Harbour Main d. 1862 Port de Grave married Dr. Richard Shea (Port de Grave) Dec. 6, 1803 St. John's RC Basillica . Dr. Shea was born 1780 Waterford, Ireland died April 4, 1826 Port de Grave. See Gerald Andrews book

.....3 Mary Kennedy married Michael Neile of Fermeuse on Nov. 15, 1806

.....3 Catherine Kenendy born 1785 Harbour Main married John Neile of Fermeuse Nov. 27, 1811

.....3 Margaret Kenendy (born 1800 minor in 1817 her custody given to Bridget Kennedy and Dr. Shea) married Oct. 11, 1817 James Hackett (wit: Dr. Shea & Mrs. Kennedy); Hackett was Captain of the Belisarius and was a Captain in Essex County Massachusetts as well.

.........4 William Hackett (b. Sep. 16, 1821) HGRC sp: John BURNE & Mary KENNEDY
........4 Catherine Hackett (b. Oct 27, 1823) HGRC sp: Richard SHEA & Bridget NEIL
.........4 Mary Hackett (b. May 12, 1828) HGRC sp:Thomas COSTIGAN & Mary SCIVIER

........4 Sera Hackett (b. Dec 20, 1830) HGRC sp: William MALOWNY & Consty FARDY

.....3 Johanna Kennedy (b.April 22, 1792-d. May 11, 1816) married to Vincent Costigan August 23, 1812 Harbour Grace RC Judy Barker's Line

........4 Thomas Costigan

..2 Joan Kennedy

..2 Catherine Kennedy born abt 1755 married 1777 John Keaten (?)