Newfoundland KENNEDY Families found in the 1930 US FEDERAL CENSUS

Kennedy Given Relation Age Age Married

Name Age Age Married Place of Birth Est.Birth year Father's place of birth Mother's Place of Birth year of immigration Occupation where working address
Kennedy Edward J head 33 24 Nfld 1896 Nfld Nfld Plumber Queens(?)bridge Schnectady Ave. Brooklyn, NY
" Lillian wife 29 20 NfldXNY 1900 Ireland Ireland
" Elizabeth dau 6 NY 1924 Nfld NY
" Clair dau 2 NY 1928 Nfld NY
" Irene dau new NY 1930 Nfld NY
Kennedy William J head 58 25 Nfld 1871 Scotland Nfld 1898 carpenter buildings Gates Ave. Brooklyn, Kings Cty. NY
" Mary Jane wife 59 26 Ireland 1870 Ireland Ireland
Kennedy Harry head 29 27 Nfld 1900 Nfld Nfld 1920 electrician western union 76 Street Brooklyn NY Kings Cty.
" Jean wife 28 24 NY NY NY
" Grace M dau 8mos NY Nfld NY
McManus Mary MIL 56 widow NY Ireland Ireland
McManus Vera SIL 33 NY Nfld (?)* NY operator telephone co t
McManus James BIL 31 NY NY NY clerk brokers
McManus Philip BIL 29 NY NY NY clerk steamship co
McManus Nichols BIL 24 NY NY NY clerk Edison co
Kennedy James head 60 30 Nfld 1869 Nfld Nfld 1890 Rigger Shipyard 3rd Ave.Brooklyn, Kings Cty NY
" Monica wife 60 30 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1900
" Edward son 29 NY Nfld Nfld chauffeur commercial
" Mary dau 25 NY Nfld Nfld operator telephone co
Kennedy Gregory head 38 Nfld 1891 Nfld Nfld Construction ? Iron Works 60th St Brooklyn Kings Cty. NY
" Beatrice wife 32 England England Nfld
" Dorothy dau 4 Brooklyn Nfld Eng
" Gregory son 7 mos Brooklyn Nfld Eng
Kennedy John head 29 28 Nfld 1900 Nfld Nfld 1927 Pa Pipe Fitter Light co First St brooklyn Kings Cty NY
" Madeline wife 28 27 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1930 Al none
Kennedy Bert lodger* 30 Nfld 1900 Nfld Nfld 1927 fisherman 11th st. Brooklyn Kings cty. NY
Kennedy Madeline maid 21 Nfld 1909 Nfld Nfld maid Harlen(m) family 8th st. Brooklyn Kings cty. NY
Kennedy John head Nfld. Nfld. Nfld. carpenter
" Sophie wife Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
" Nfld. Nfld. Nfld.
Kennedy Thomas head 28 17 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1925 conductor trolley 16th st. Brooklyn, Kings Cty. NY
Elizabeth wife 27 16 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1926
Carmela dau 8 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1926
James son 6 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1926
Catherine dau 4 Nfld Nfld Nfld 1926
Kennedy William J head 49 19 Nfld 1880 Nfld Nfld foreman Asphalt paver Buffalo NY Erie County Alma Ave.
Catherine wife 51 20 NY 1881 Germany NY
Regina R dau 19 NY 1911 Nfld NY dental assistant
Theresa A dau 17 NY 1913 Nfld NY maid
Ceceila? D dau 14 NY 1916 Nfld NY
Florence A dau 13 NY 1917 Nfld NY
Lucille dau 11 NY 1919 Nfld NY
James C son 10 NY 1920 Nfld NY
  Ellen dau 9   NY 1921 NL NY        
Francis son 7 NY 1923 NL NY

*Vera McManus appears as sister in law but her father's birth place does not match that of the McManus bros. so she is perhaps a wife to one of them rather than a sibling.

*also lodging is John White of Nfld. in this Mary Bartow household where dau. Marion Bartow Oliver is married to Peter Oliver of Newfoundland