Kevin Joseph Connors, a.k.a Chuck Connors, was born April 10, 1921 in Brooklyn to Newfoundland immigrants Allan and Marcella (nee Lundrigan) Connors of Placentia, Bay. He was cousin to my father Jack Kennedy Connors and they grew up playing stickball together in the streets of Brooklyn. My mother recalls him from my brother's christening as tall and very good looking. He died of lung cancer November 10, 1992 and in the spring of 1993, an auctioneer brought his estate to South Florida and I was able to attend. It was my first auction and I wound up with one of his pool cues, a pitcher from Portugal, and a set of plates from France which have things like "Libertad" and "Revolucion" written on them. Given Chuck's mothers name, Marcella and the French history of Placentia I have thought perhaps that there may be some family history to these plates and also the Portuguese pitcher and yet if they had no family history to them before, well, they do now.