Index to Registers of Deeds, 1888 - 1908, A-D Source LDS film #2071100

CONNORS: Michael; John; Frank J.; Thomas P. ; Andrew
(one in 1892 involving the estate of James COX); Patrick; Ellen M.,
Mary, John and Michael; Mary; Bridget; William; Michael & Patrick;
Joseph; Catherine (estate of).

[Columns are: Date of Deed/ Consideration/ Nature of Deed/ Parties/
Vol/ Page/ Description] As far as I can gather, the abbreviations
under "Nature of deed" are: C=Conveyance; M=Mortgage; T/M=termination
(or transfer?) of mortgage; R/M=renewal of mortgage.]


May 11. 89/$240/M/ Michael, To EMERSON, Clara/1/278/New Gower Street.
Sep 11. 89/$300/M/John, To LILLY Geo R./1/380/Brazils Square
May 10. 89/../R/M/Michael From CHARLES Thomas/2/176/Vol. 32-255 C.D.
Sep 13. 89/../R/M/John From SILLARS Arch, Estate/2/307/Vol. 29-435 C.
Nov 30. 89/$200/C/Michael From MORRIS Benj.T./2/378/Quidi Vidi Road

May 30. 91/$5333.86/C&Agt./Frank J. From McKENZIE John/6/5/Water St &
Jun 20.91/../T/M/Michael To CLIFT J. Augustus/6/49/Vol, 32-28 C.D.
Sep 15. 91/$300/M/John To TAIT J. Sinclair/6/108/Brazils Square
Sep 11.91/../R/M/ John From LILLY Geo R./6/130/Vol.1.380

Jan 16.92/$120/C/Michael/From CARTER Sidney S.Est/6/269/Vic. Quidi Vidi
Jan 15.92/$100/C/Thomas P. To EVANS Francis H. Receiver/5/287/Tilton
May 30.88[?]/$180/C/Michael/From MARTIN Caroline Adx/5/319/White Hills
Feb 24.92/$220/C/Andrew From COX Jas. Est. etal/6/503/Victoria Street
Feb 17. 92/$400/M/Thomas P. To JACKSON John/7/35/Hayward Street

Feb 1.93/NL&A/C/Michael To CONNORS Patrick/7/487/Vic. Pennywell Road
Feb 1.93/NL&A/C Patrick From CONNORS Michael/7/487/Vic. Pennywell Road
Mch 13.93/$175/C/Thomas P. From BETHUNE Malcolm/8/41/Monkstown (James
Aug 14.93/$620/C./Thomas P. From BRIEN Thos. Est./8/462/Gower Street
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Sep 30. 93/$200/M/John To GUSHUE Sus. G./8/343/Brazils Square
Sep 25.93/--/R/M/John From TAIT J. Sinclair/8/543/Vol.6-108
Oct 10.93/$$99.75/M/Michael From KING Moses H./8/556/Forest Pond Road


Mch 28.94/$1000/M/Thomas P. From GADEN Garland M./9/343/Rennies Mill
Jul 7.94/$500/M/Michael From HARDING James/9/545/Pleasant Street
Dec 14.94/NL&A/C/Michael To CONNORS John et al Trustees/10/391/Signal
Hill Rd. etc.
Dec 14.94/NL&A/John & Michael Trs From CONNORS Michael/10/391/Signal
Hill Rd, etc.


Mar 30.95/$2500/C/Mary From PITTS James S. /11/116/Water Street
June 1.95/$900/C/Thomas P. From BARNES William/11/235/Gower Street
Sep 21.95/--/R/M/John From GUSHUE Susannah G./11/482/Vol. 8-543
Sep 27.95/$300/M/John To O'REILLY Bride/11/485/Brazils Square
Dec 31.95/$3000/M/Andrew et al From WOODS Sydney/12/135/Water Street


Mch 23.96/Re-Assignment/Ellen M., Mary John, Michael et al To CONNORS
Michael/12/423/Vide 10-391
Mch 23.96/Re-Assignment/Michael From CONNORS Ellen etal/12/423/Vide
May 29.96/--/R/M/Thomas P. To GADEN Garland M./12/492/Vol.9- 343
Aug 10.96/$1000/M/Thomas P. To THORBURN Sir Robt. Executor/13/128/Gower


Oct 1. 96/--/R/M/Michael To HARDING James/14/130/Vol.9 545
May 13.97/--/R/M/Michael From EMERSON Clare/14/247/Vol. 1 278

May 3.97/--/C/Mary A. From JARDINE John C./15/67/Chattels
Sep 4.97/$100/C/Andrew From HUTTON Henry O'G./15/256/Torbay Rd. &
Middle Cove Rd.
Apl 6.85/270/C/John et al. Admrs To ELLIOTT James/15/459/Topsail Rd.
near Waterford Bridge Rd


Aug 10.98/$200/M/Michael To KEARNEY Mary F./16/368/New Gower Street
Sep 3.98/$500/M/Thomas P. To GUSHUE Susannah G./16/370/Henry & Bulley
Aug 31.98 $906/C/Thomas P. From SEARLE Wm. R./17/150/Henry & Bulley Sts
Oct 7.98/$2500/M/Bridget et al From HERIER [?] Wm. J/17/222/Rennies
Mill Road


Mar 27.99/--/T/M/ John et al To Le MESSURIER Clara/16/544/M11- 485
Dec 23.98/$40/C/William To Nova Scotia Steel Co. Ltd./18/251/Bell
Jul 8.99/$3600/C/Thomas P. To MUNN Ethel M./18/479/Gower Street
Dec 18.99/$300/M/Thomas P. From GRACE Mary & Admx./19/199/Maise[?]
Dec 4.99/--/R/M/Thomas P. From GUSHUE Susannah G./19/200/Vol. 16-370
Dec 8.99/$400/M/Thomas P. From McNEIL John H. & Administrator/


Jan 1.00/$200/M/Thomas P. From BRADLEY Charles/19/307/Gower Street
Jan 16.00/$200/M/Thomas P. From SUTHERBY John R./19/347/Gower Street
Mch 1.00/$350/M/Thomas P. From JOHNSTON Sarah/19/426/Long Pond
Mch 12.00/$350/M/Thomas P. From SNOW George/19/448/Corner Colonial &
Bond Streets
Jan 1.00/$200/M/Thomas P. From BRADLEY Charles/19/451/Gower Street
Oct 11.00/$385/C/Michael and Patrick From BENNETT Chas. F. Est./20/
369/Mundy Pond


Feb 9.01/--/R/M/Thomas P. To BRADLEY Charles/21/92/M.Vol. 19-307
Feb 9.01/--/R/M/Thomas P. To BRADLEY Charles/21/92/M.Vol.19-451
Jul 5.99/--/R/M/Thomas P. From GEDDES Geo.G. Est./21/224/M.13-128
Apl 16.01/$200/M/Thomas P. From JOHNSTON Sarah/21/305/Long Pond
Apl 1901/--/R/M/John From Le MESSURIER Clara/21/352/M.Vol. 11-485
May 8.01/$200/M/Thomas P. From COLLIS Henry G./21/419/Queens Road
May 31.01/$144/C/William To The Dominion Iron & Steel Co. Ltd./21/
583/Bell Island C.B.
Aug 26.01/$400/M/Andrew From HILL Mary H./22/124/Cochrane Street


Nov17.95/$16/C/Thomas and Patrick To CAREW John W./22/598/Gallows Cove
Rd. Witless Bay
Feb 17.02/--/R/M/Thomas P. To SUTHERBY John R./23/195/M.Vol. 19-347
Jul 18.93/$100/C/Thomas P. From The Township Timber & Land Co.
Ltd./23/363/Near Hr.Grace Junction
Mar 29.02/$200/M/Thomas P. From HAYES Edward etal/23/372/Hayes Rd.
Mar 31.02/$500/C/Thomas P. From GRANT Christie E./23/393/Alexander
Apl 1.02/$300/M/Thomas P. From BURGESS Edward R./23/427/Vide M.22-453
Apl 24.02/$400/M/Thomas P. From BRIEN Ellen/23/473/Topsail
May 16.02/$100/M/Thomas P. From MEELEY Johannah Admx./23/594/Water
Aug 8.02/--/R/M/Michael From Le MESSURIER Clara/24/225/M.16- 368


Feb 2.03/--/R/M/Thomas P. To MEALEY Johannah Admx/25/196/M.Vol. 23-
Feb 2.03/$250/M/Thomas P. From MEALEY Johannah Admx/25/196/Water Street
May 20.03/$600/M/Thomas P.From LESTER Chas.F./25/409/Hamilton St. and
Old Placentia Rd.

May 30.03/$200/C/Thomas P. To PENDER John/25/439/Alexander Street
Jul 1.03/--/R/M/ Thomas P. To DOOLEY John/26/78/M. Vol. 23-427
Jul 1.03/$400/M/ Thomas P. From BUTLER George/26/104/Spencer Street
Nov 5.03/--/R/M/ Thomas P. To COLLIS Henry G./26/348/M.21- 419
Jul 1.03/$200/M/ Thomas P. From BUTLER George/26/506/Spencer Street


Apl 22.04/--/R/M/ Andrew To HILL Mary H./27/290/M. 22-124
May 14.04/--/R/M/ Thomas P. To GRACE Mary/ 27/403/V.19 - 199
May 21.04/$250/C/Thomas P. To LEDREW George/27/469/Alexander Street
Apl 15.04/$1200/C/Thomas P. From PENDERGAST Mary J./27/473/Hutchings
May 23.04/$400/C/Thomas P. From SULLIVAN Kathleen B/27/475/Waterford
Bridge Road
Apl 15.04/$1400/C/Thomas P. PENDERGAST Mary J./27/511/Gower Street
June 18.04/--/R/M/Thomas P. To HAYES Edward etal/27/586/M. 23- 372
Sep 1.04/--/R/M//Thomas P. To JOHNSTON Sarah/28/259/Vide 19- 426
Sep 1.04/--/R/M/ Thomas P.To JOHNSTON Sarah/28/260/Vide 21- 305


Dec 15.04/$900/C/Bridget From HUTTON Wm. S.H./28/533/New Gower Street
Apl 30.05/$300/C/ Thomas P. To RUXTON Wm./29/484/Alexander Street


Jan 30.06/--/R/M/Bridget etal To HARDER Wm. J./31/391/M. Vol. 17-222
Mar 12.06/$350/M/Andrew From HEALEY John J./31/555/Pleasant Street
Sep 10.06/$400/M/Thomas P. From WHITE William/33/219/Topsail Rd. and
Cockpit Rd.


1907/--/R/M/ Thomas P. To MEALEY Johanna/34/469/M.25- 196

June 3.07/$120/C/Joseph From EVANS Thomas/35/163/Pouch Cove
---/---/R/M/Andrew etal Exr. To WOODS Sidney/35/163/M. 12 - 135
Jul 5.07/$336/C/Patrick and Michael To EBSARY Allan P./35/333/Vic.
Mundy's Pond
Aug 21.07/$130/C/Patrick and Michael To KIRBY Philip/35/528/Near
Blackmarsh Road
Sep 10.07/--/T/M/ Thomas P. From BRINE Sophie Est./36/29/M. 23- 425


Jan 4.08/$900/C/Catherine Est. To COLLINS James J./36/528[?]/ Waterford
Bridge Rd.
Apl 7.08/$700/M/Thomas P. From DAVIS Cynath M. Exr./37/315/Corner Kings
Road and Gower Street
Apl 28.08/$600/M/Thomas P. From DE BOURKE (Burke)Richard Admr./ 37/
364/ Duckworth Street
Dec 19.08/$200/M/Thomas P. From STACK Lawrence et al/39/20/Chattels