This is the part of the original text by Louis A. Kennedy on the history of the Connors/Kennedy family of Carbonear which deals with the Connors of Harbour Grace. The"AUNT LIL" mentioned is Elizabeth Lillian Kennedy dau. fo Skipper Terence and Mary Joy and the portion of the essay dealing with their ancestry is here


In presenting this documentary it must be understood that I am

unable to authenticate or certify as to the accuracy of the

statements contained herein. It is based on here say from persons

whom I know to be entirely trustworthy and I have no reason to

doubt their stories.

My recollection is that your motherís grandfather Michael

Connors was born in County Kerry, Ireland. I knew him long before

your grandfather met Aunt Lil. He was a huge man, - over 300 lbs.

he was the foreman of a railroad track maintenance crew. Although

appearing to be very stern and rough with those who worked under

his direction, he was one of the kindest, soft-spoken and jolliest

men I ever knew. He married Margaret St. John for whom your mother

was named. Your grandfather had a brother, Patrick; they also had

a sister who died at an early age. Pat was a railroad station

master and telegrapher. Telegraphy was the only means of instant

long distance communication in those days.

Your grandfather (my Uncle Mike) was a highly competent Master

Mariner well skilled in ocean transportation and commerce and highly

respected by every member both in and out of his profession. He was

marine superintendent for the Bull-Insular Steamship Co. residing in

Puerto Rico for several years. He studied and became fluent in

spanish to better facilitate his work among the natives. The tropic-

climate was quite strenuous on you grandmother. Uncle Mike resigned

and returned to New York, a more equitable climate for the family.

Here is a sketch of the family from above and below the records found at Harbour Grace which match. While Uncle Lou in his Essay did very well by memory I am not sure if he meant that the father of Michael Connors, the railroad foreman, may have been named Michael Connors also and married to a Margaret St. John and that he (the previous generation was from Kerry). I will have to dig on that one. ***Notice the name "JOHANNA CONNORS"

1 Michael Connors (sr.) Railroad foremen born County Kerry married Margaret( St. John ?)
2.Michael Nicholas Connors,Master Mariner, (jr.) b. 1879 Harbor

Grace d. St.John's Cemetery NY married 1907 St. Malachi's Church NYC Elizabeth "Aunt Lil"
(Lillian) KENNEDY b. March 5, 1882 Carbonear, NF children in Brooklyn;
address 164 6th St. Brooklyn NY
3Francis Connors
4 Michael Nicholas Connors (II) married Elizabeth (sullivan)7324 Ridge Blvd.
3Margaret Connors married ? But Uncle Lou in his essay is talking to her children---I will have to find out who they are
3Lillian Connors
2Patrick Connors (Railway Master/Telegrapher)
2 Unknown female died young
Michael Connors & Margaret Hearn*, they were married at Harbour Grace on January 11, 1872, Sponsors J
McCarthy & Julia Gleatif (I think that is the coreect spelling). The
children baptised at Harbour Grace were as follows;

Name: John
D.O.B. - 1873-08-09
Sponsors: Michael Kelly & Elizabeth Smallcombe

Name: Johanna
D.O.B. - 1875-02-14
Sponnsors: Alex Gillispie & Bridget Collins

Name: Patrick
D.O.B. 1877-03-02
Sponsors: Patrick Smallcombe & Julia Gillispie

Name: Michael Nicholas
D.O.B. 1879-09-10
Sponsors: Michael Smart & Mary Catherine Gillispie

* Great Grand Uncle Lou recalls Mike Sr. marrying Margaret St. John (--my Unlce Jim recalls us being related to the St. John family--so I am unsure where about the Hearn/St. John