HAYDEN, HAYDON, surnames of England, HAYDEN or HEADON of Ireland; in England
from a common English place name HAYDON, in Ireland (O) HAYDEN, O 'HEIDEAIN.
{Cottle, MacLysaght}

Guppy traced HAYDEN and HAYDON in Devon and Hertfordshire; MacLysaght traced
(O) HAYDEN in Co. Carlow.

In Nfld.
Early instances: Dan HADEN, servant of Harbour Main, 1755 (MUN Hist.);

Daniel HEADON, of St. John's, 1765(DPHW 26c);
Mary HEADON, from Kilenall (SIC), Cashel (Co. Tipperary), married at St. John's, 1802 (Nfld. Archives BRC);

Edmond of Harbour Grace Parish, 1814 (Nfld. Archives HGRC);

Richard HAYDON of Broad Cove (now St. Phillip's) 1821 (DPHW 26D)

? HAYDEN, of Harbour Grace, 1837 (Newfoundlander 5 Jan. 1837);

Michael, of Barren Island (now Bar Haven), 1871

Joseph HAYDON, planter of Twillingate, 1871 (Lovell)

Thomas HEADON, of Caplin Bay (now Calvert) , 1871

Richard and Timothy, Traders of Upper Small Point (now Kingston) 1871

Patrick HEADEN, of Petit Forte (Placentia Bay), 1871

Modern status; HAYDEN, scattered, especially at Petit Forte and Cape Broyle,
unique at Gander (Electors 1955)
Place names; Cappahayden 46-52 52-57; HAYDON Island 48-12 53-32-------Point
48-12 53-33

HADDEN, a surname of England, Ireland and Scotland;
in England, from the place names HADDON, HADDEN (Derbyshire, Dorset,
Northamptonshire, Devon), in Ireland also as a synonym of (O) HADIAN;
In Scotland, a variant of HOWDEN.

Haddon traced by Guppy in Northamptonshire and Warwickshire and Devon.

HADDEN, HADDON by MacLsaght in Ulster and Co. Louth; and HADDEN by Black in

In Nfld.
Early instances, James, student of St. John's, 1829;

John HADDON, of Bonavista, 1851(DPHW 70);

Henry Jabez HADDON, of Fortune, Teacher 1863 (Jour, Legis. Council 1868? per P.E.I. Smith)

James Norris HADDON, of Fortune, teacher 1867 {Jour. Legis Council 1868? per P.E.I. Smith)

William, of Isle Valen, 1871;

John, of Long Pond, Conception Bay South, 1871.
Modern day status: unique at St. John's (Electors 1955)

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