JOY, a surname of England and Ireland,from the common noun joy,or from the
male and female baptismal names Joie and Joia,or also in Ireland as a
variant of JOYCE.(Withycombe,Reaney,MacLysaght).
Traced by Guppy in Essex,by Spiegelhalter in Decon,and by MacLysaght in
Connacht and Cos.Kerry and Waterford.
In Newfoundland:
Family tradition:_____.from Harbour Main,settled at Conche about
1850(MUN Geog.).
Early instances:William,? of Salmon Cove (unspecified)(Conception
B.),about 1752(CO 194.13);Patrick,of St.John's,1758(DPHW 26C);John,of
Harbour Main,1760(CO 199.18);William,of Torbay,1763(DPHW 26C);Hezekiach,of
Fogo,Twillingate or Tilton(now Tilting),1771(CO 194.30);James,from Granny
Ferry (unidentified),married at Bonavista,1803(Nfld.Archives KCRC);Sara,of
Harbour Grace Parish,1806(Nfld.Archives HGRC);Patrick,of
Carbonear,1828(NFld.Archives BRC);Honora,of King's Cove,1832(Nfld.Archives
KCRC);Patrick,of Open Hole(now Open Hall),1846(Nfld.Archives KCRC);____,on
the Troubadour in the seal fishery out of Catalina,1853(Newfoundlander 17
Mar 1853);____,on the Sea in the seal fishery out of
Brigus,1857(Newfoundlander 16 Mar 1857);Thomas,of Tickle Cove(Bonavista
B.),1862(Nfld.Archives KCRC);Margaret,of Harbour Grace,1866(Nfld.Archives
HGRC);Catherine,of Indian Arm(Bonavista B.),1870(Nfld.Archives
KCRC);Richard,of Conche,1871(Lovell);Ellen,schoolteacher of North
Arm,Holyrood,1871(Lovell);Henry,of Port-au-Port,1871(Lovell).
Modern status:Scattered,especially at Catalina and St.John's.
Place name:Joy's Point 47-24 53-09