Will of Richard Murphy vol 3, pg 468, 1876

Newfoundland Will Books

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In re

Richard Murphy deceased.

In the name of God Amen. I Richard Murphy Fisherman of Fox Cove Placentia Bay originally of Co. Wexford Ireland do hereby make in the presence of God and in my full senses this last will & testament and bequeath what I possess as follows- To my wife Ann Murphy I bequeath the sum of 40 (forty pounds) to dispose of as she thinks well & receive it from the priests hands- 2 To Ann Walshe (maiden name Murphy) now living in Lawn ( bequeath 7 (seven pounds) 3 To Michael Hoare son of late Michael Hoare of Tights Cove I bequeath the sum of 7 (seven pounds)- 4 To Patrick Keeley Junr of Fox Cove I bequeath the sum of 2 (2 pounds) 5 The remainder of my money now in the Bank I leave to the Church it amounts to 80 or 90 -- or as much more as there may be to be used part of it for Masses for the repose of my soul to the amount of twenty five dollars, Part of it for Fox Cove Church that is to say one third of the money that remains to be spent on decorating Fox Cove Church one third to be spent on the New Church of Burin and the remaining third to be spent on the new church of Oderin now building- The funeral expenses are to be deducted out of the money I leave to the church- My property in the shape of nets I bequeath to John Murphy of Rock Harbour I leave the fox traps to Denis Long of Fox Cove The sheep and all other personal property not before disposed of I leave to my wife Ann Murphy- In witness thereof I hereby affix my signature this sixth day of May (May 6th) one thousand eight hundred and seventy six-

Richard X (his mark) Murphy We hereby witness this last testament Henry Drinmer X (his mark), Michael Hoare X (his mark), Father M. Morris, executor.

Certified Correct,

D.M. Browning


Transcribed and contributed by Joanne Connors