The following records were provided by Jim McCarthy. Thanks Jim.

Northern Bay Church records at the LDS and there are not many Kennedy's in them.

Edward Kennedy wed to Mary McDonald Nov 26 1846
Terrence Kennedy wed to a Mary McDonald June 5 1870

I did not see any children for these couples.

Kennedy James & Alice Riggs child Bernard June 8 1877

Kennedy John & Ellen Woodfine child John May 30 1890
Kennedy John & Julia Dunn child Mary Joe Sept 3 1876
Kennedy Mary & Lawrence McDonald children Daniel Nov 5 1884 Mary Oct 6 1889
Kennedy Mary & James McDonald child Mary Sept 12 1886
Kennedy Mary & James Dunn children Patrick March 17 1878 Sarah Sept 6 1880
Kennedy Mary & Thomas Forristal children Bridget March 4 1875 , Nicholas July 1 1878

and that is it up to 1891 when the records end. I had seen lots in
Blackhead Methodist and the United Churches, but I wasn't copying
those records only the RC records for the area.