The FITZGERALD family of St. John's, Newfoundland through the  will of Mary Fitzgerald  is connected to the Fitzgerald family of Harbor Grace.  Mary (nee Brosnahan) was wife of Maurice Fitzgerald, son of John and Johanna Fitzgerald And she was related to the Bowler and Brown families.  Mary and Maurice had at least 4 daughters whose married names were Garvey, Cashin, Brien, and Kennedy.  Mary Fitzgerald's will mentions  granddaughter Honora Cashin  who married Michael Fitzgerald of Harbor Grace. Also mentioned is granddaughter Mary Delahunty, wife of Richard Delahunty, she was possibly dau of a Fitzgerald son. 

The will of Maurice Fitzgerald lists him as a shopkeeper and his first bequest is payment to Wiliam Cashin a Clothier of St. John's Newfoundland, this may be father of Honora Cashin, soninlaw of Maurice.  It may be that these families are related through marriage and their line of work.  This family emigrates to work in the Cotton Mills of Chicopee, in Hampden County Massachusetts shortly after the will of Mary Fitzgerald is probated in 1867. There is at least one James Fitzgerald from Newfoundland on the 1880 census in Boston who is a "Cloth Cutter"  who I believe is related to this family living in Boston with ARCHIBALD family. (Archibald surname is often found as Aspell)

1880 United States Census Place: Chicopee, Hampden, Massachusetts Source: FHL Film 1254534 National Archives Film T9-0534; Page 250A


                                          Rel      Sex   Marr  Race  Age      Birthplace         Occupatiion    Birthplace Father     Birthplace of Mother

O'BRIEN  Mary Ann        Self      F       W       W      30     NEWFOUNDLAND  Keep House      IRE                      NFL

O'BRIEN  Michael          Son      M       S       W      10      MA                                                     NFL                      NFL

O'BRIEN  Thomas          Son      M       S       W       9       MA                                                     NFL                      NFL

O'BRIEN Margaret         Dau      F       S       W        7       MA                                                     NFL                      NFL

O'BRIEN  Maurice         Son      M       S       W        6      MA                                                      NFL                      NFL

O'BRIEN William           Son      M       S       W       3       MA                                                      NFL                      NFL

DULAHANTY Mary      SisterL   F      W       W       42     NFL                Wk Cotton Mill             IRE                       IRE

DULAHANTY Johannah M Nephew  M      S       W       21     NFL          Wk Cotton Mill            NFL                      IRE

DULAHANTY Margaret     Niece    F      S       W       16     NFL               Wk Cotton Mill           NFL                      IRE

KENNEDY Hanora         SisterL   F      W       W       44    NFL                 Wk Cotton Mill             IRE                      NFL

KENNEDY Mighael        Nephew   M      S       W       22    NFL                 Wk Cotton Mill           IRE                      NFL

KENNEDY Mary           Niece      F      S       W       18    NFL                 Wk Cotton Mill               IRE                      NFL

KENNEDY Johanna       Niece     F       S       W       16    NFL                 Wk Cotton Mill              IRE                      NFL

KENNEDY  Patrick       Nephew   M      S       W       12    NFL                                                        IRE                      NFL

O'BRIEN Catherine       Other     F       S       W       38    NFL                  Wk Cotton Mill             IRE                      IRE

CASHIN Mary J           Other     F       S       W       28    NFL                  Wk Cotton Mill              IRE                      IRE

BOWLER  Mary           Other      F       W      W        60    IRE                  Wk Cotton Mill            IRE                      IRE


1880 US Census Census Place Massachusetts, Suffolk  County, Boston, district 679

Archibald   Richard                      Retired cooper      Ire
Archibald   Bridget                                                    Ire
    "             James                                                     Mass
Fitzgerald   Mary   22 dau                                         Mass
Fitzgerald  James   20 son in law  Clothing cutter      N

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