Our Kennedy connection would be through Frances Kennedy who marries John Fitzgerald of Kerry. And Ann Kennedy who marries Thomas Fitzgerald. I suspect both Ann and Frances Kennedy sisters of Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young and was onboard the Windjammer crossing from Wexford in 1807. I believe Philip and William Murphy may have been onboard as well. Frances Kennedy married John Fitzgerald in 1810 in Habor Grace, Newfoundland.

1832 and 1858 Harbour Grace Voter's List (PANL GN 43/7 Box 9)
1832: 1858:

FITZGERALD, John, Main Street married Elizabeth Garland? HG RC 1832
FITZGERALD, Patrick, Carbonear Road

FITZGERALD, John, South Side FITZGERALD John, South Side (dead) [crossed off list] HG Cemetery (1786-1856)

FITZGERALD, William, South Side married Mary Connolly 1811/12 HG RC parish records
FITZGERALD, Patrick, Riverhead married Anastasia Doolind? Dec. 1826 HG RC parish records

FITZGERALD, Thomas, South Side ( married to Mary/Ann Kennedy )
FITZGERALD Thomas of John, South Side (dead) [crossed off list]

FITZGERALD William of Thomas, Main Street.

FITZGERALD, Nicholas, South Side
FITZGERALD, Maurice, South Side married Johanna Conners Jan 1835 HG RC parish records

FITZGERALD, Michael, Beach married Mary Pearle Sept. 10, 1824 HG RC Parish Records
FITZGERALD, Edmnd, Cochrane Street married Jane Richards May 24, 1830 HG RC Parish Records
FITZGERALD, John, Kerry Town

FITZGERALD John, Kerry Town [Road]

1889 HG Voters List

Fitzgerald Thomas 53 River Head Patrick
Fitzgerald Patrick 25 Carbonear Road Thomas

*Transcription provided by Bonnie Hickey

East side of Harbour Grace,
including residents of Keefe's Grove, Bears Cove, Caplin Cove, Woodville
Road, Kildare Road, Carbonear Road and Old Carbonear Road:
The 1889 Voter's list recorded not only the voter's name and place of
abode, but also his age, birthplace, occupation, father's name, number
of years in electoral district, number of years in the colony of
Newfoundland, and if qualified as a householder.


I. Edward Fitzgerald married Mary Mahoney 4 Oct 1778 Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1776 - 1801

(The practice of Catholicism was against the law)

I Michael Fitzgerald [Serg't?] in the 84th Reg of Foot married Nancy Macarty 7 Dec 1779 (Daughter to John & Dorothy Macarty in Carbonear ) Harbour Grace - Anglican Marriage Records, 1776 - 1801 (The practice of Catholicism was against the law)

I. John Fitzgerald (1792 Kerry, Ireland-1888 Harbour Grace, Lady Pond Road) married Frances Kennedy Dec. 26, 1810 HG RC wit. Thomas Geary & Mary Hastory

.... 2.John Fitzgerald b. 1814 HG RC records

.... 2. James Fitzgerald b 1816 HG RC records

....   2. Mary Fitzgerald b. 1818 HG RC records
 ....  2.Michael Fitzgerald, Captain  b. 1820 Harbor Grace d. 1887  at Emily Harbor, Labrador  
I think he marries Rachel Greene dau. of Daniel Greene Carbonear Merchant
          3. Katherine (Katie) Fitzgerald, eldest, married John Phippard 1880
          3. Rose Fitzgerald married Allan MacDonald 1880
 ....  2. Edward Fitzgerald b. 1822 Harbor Grace
....   2. William Fitzgerald b. 1823 Harbor Grace

I. James Fitzgerald married ? Burke dau of Michael Burke of Fogo **found a John married to a Burke but not James** [Nov 17, 1844 John FITZGERALD m. Ellen [BURK?]. Wit: Will(m) FITZGERALD & Cath(n) CALLEHAN]; he was Justice of the Peace, his will mentions 2 sons

..2 James (bernard) Fitzgerald

..2 William Fitzgerald son of James of Fogo

I. James Fitzgerald m. Mary Maher Nov. 5, 1815 HG RC
I. Michael Fitzgerald m Catherine Naddy? April 1818 HG RC wit: Michael Grace & Mary Duggan
I. Maurice Fitzgerald m. Elizabeth Dalton Jan. 23, 1821 Harbour Grace RC Parish Records wit: James Fahey and Jane Whiteway

I.Nicholas Fitzgerald, at south side HG 1832 married Nov 15, 1835 Margaret GEIGHAN. Wit: Daniel SULIVAN & Betsy BROWN.

I.William Fitzgerald, at south side HG 1832 m. Mary Connoly 1811/12 HG RC

I. Morris(Maurice) Fitzgerald (born 1788 Kerry, Ireland-died 1878, Harbour Grace, south side) m. Jan 25,1835 Harbour Grace Johanna Conners {Connors}

born 1807 Dingle, County Kerry Ireland died 1873 south side Harbour Grace, Nfld. marriage wit: John Conners & Catherine Kelly, HG RC Box 3

... 2. John Fitzgerald (bapt. 12-20-1835) sp: John Connors & Mary Connors

... 2. Nicholas Fitzgerald (bapt. 9-18-1837) sp: Morris Lahey & Ellen McCarthy TWIN (buried HG RC Cemetery died May 31, 1906;wife Margaret)

... 2 Michael Fitzgerald (bapt 9-18-1837) sp: Maurice Lehy & Ellen Morriarty TWIN

... 2 Catherine Fitzgerald (bapt 11-03-1839) sp: Thomas Lynch & Ellen McKenna

... 2 Michael Fitzgerald (bapt. 9-24-1842) Sp: Maurice Kennedy & Mary Shoughron married Honora Cashin (b. 1842) St. John's 1863 emigrate to Chicoppe, Hampden Massachusets. Line of DAVID WALL

... 2 Maurice Fitzgerald (bapt. 7-9-1845) sp: James Moriarity & Margaret Geehan

I.Patrick Fitzgerald

II. Captain Thomas Fitzgerald (1836-d. 1895)) son of Patrick (1889 HG voters list) married Ellen Doyle of Carbonear dau of James and Mary Doyle

.. 3 Thomas Fitzgerald

...3 Patrick Fitzgerald (1864) son of Thomas (HG 1889 voter list)

I John Fitzgerald (d.1858) and Johanna Fitzgerald (died before 1860 as mentioned in 1860 Will of son Maurice--do not know if they died in Nfld or Ireland) *NOTE: John Fitzgerald of Southside Harbour Grace is crossed off the 1858 Voters List and Marked as "Dead" ;a John Fitz. is buried HG Cemetery born 1786 -1856 John Fitzgerald (d. 1858) survived by ?wife Fitzgerald (*Will is witnessed by Thomas Fitzgerald this must be his brother since his eldest son Thomas is dead) Sons of John Fitzgerald of Lispole ,County Kerry

Children of southside John Fitzgerald:

..2 Ann Fitzgerlad married ? SHED (only dau.)

..2 Thomas Fitzgerald (eldest son born abt. 1825 deceased before 1858) wife Ellen (:Power) married HG RC Jan. 1, 1840 south side HG son of John (from the Harbour Grace Voters list 1835 but dead by 1858 HG Voters List)

...3 Francis Fitzgerald

...3 James Fitzgerald

..3 John Fitzgerald

..3 Elizabeth Fitzgerald

..3 David Fitzgerald

..3 Ann Fitzgerald

..3 Alice Fitzgerald

..2 Michael Fitzgerald 1825

..2 John Fitzgerald

I.Thomas Fitzgerald (abt. 17??) married Mary/Ann Kennedy (abt. 17??)
...   ... 3Mary Fitzgerald b. 1806 (to Mary & Thomas) sp: William Murphy & Frances Kennedy HG RC parish records
...   ... 3 Michael Fitzgerald b. 1808 (to Ann & Thomas) (buried HG RC Cemetery died July 28, 1877 age 68 )  arrives Boston Dec. 26, 1848 to work 
 ... ...  3. Elizabeth Fitzgerald  b. 1811 (to Ann & Thomas)
...   ... 3. Ellen Fitzgerald b. 1814 (to Ann & Thomas)
...  .... 3.  William Fitzgerald b. 1816 (to Ann & Thomas) south side HG son of Thomas
 (from the Harbour Grace Voters list 1835 on Main Street at 1858 Voters List)
... ....  3. Thomas Fitzgerald b. 1818 d. 1872 HG Cemetery (to Ann & Thomas)
 .......  3. Julia Fitzgerald b. 1822 ( to Ann & Thomas)
.......   3. Ambrose Fitzgerald b. 1829 ( to Ann & Thomas)
... ....  3. Charles Fitzgerald b. 1830 ( to Ann & Thomas) 

2. James (son of John and Johanna) from 1860 Will of brother Maurice

2. Maurice Fitzgerald (son of John and Johanna born May 14, 1781 Lispole, County Kerry - d. 1860) m. Mary Brosnahan? Ftizgerald (b.1780-d. Mar 4, 1867) Both buried Belevedere Cemetery St. John's, Newfoundland

... 3.Margaret Fitzgearald m. John Garvey of Harbor Breton. Fortune Bay

3. male Fitzgerald

4. Hanora (g.dau of Maurice Fitzgerald) born 1836 married Patrick Kennedy about 1856

5.Michael Kennedy (1858) 1880 MA Census

5. Mary Kennedy (1862) 1880 MA CENSUS Hampden Chicopee

5. Johanna Kennedy (1864) 1880 MA CENSUS

5. Patrick Kennedy (1868) 1880 MA CENSUS

3.Catherine Fitzgerald (b 1810-1862) m 1841 . William Cashin (b. 1810-1862)

4 Honora Cashin (b 1842) married 1863 St. John's Michael Fitzgerald of Harbor Grace-- son of Maurice Fitzgerald and Johanna (CONNORS) Fitzgerald married Harbor Grace 1834

4.Mary Joseph Cashin b. St. John's,Nfld., 02 Apr 1848, RC Basilica, St. John's,Nfld. Baptism Sponsors were James Marnet & Margaret Garvey

4 Thomas Joseph Cashin b. St. John's,Nfld., 25 Aug 1849, RC Basilica Baptism Sponsors were JamesMcCormick and Johannah Reardon

3 Johanna Fitzgerald (born about 1810) married Maurice o Brien (son of Michael and Johanna)

4. Mary o'Brien (b1838 Ireland- d. 1880 chicoppe, MA) married Richard Delahunty (Dulahunty)

4. Catherine Brien

4. Maurice Brien (b. 1837 Ireland) and MaryAnn (O')Brien nee (Hartny?) (1880 Mass. Census)

5. Michael O'Brien

5. Thomas O'Brien

5. Margaret O' Brien

5. Maurice O'Brien

5. William O'Brien