SLOOP COVE, Emily Harbour, Labrador, Newfoundland

This is where the Crocker's Cove/ Carbonear Kennedys fished for generations. The three Captain Kennedy brothers Nicholas, Terence, and John shared a large summer home at Sloop Cove. They fished at Labrador annually following in the footsteps of their father Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881). Captain Nicholas Kennedy was born at sea to Captain Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young of Wexford, Ireland. In 1831, Nicholas married Julia Kennedy (1809-1892) of Crocker's Cove whose father Terence Kennedy (abt.1760 married 1783 Mary Clarke) and grandfather had also fished near Emily Harbour. Sloop Cove was the site at which the family of Captain Nicholas P. Kennedy and his wife Margaret Hamilton, and their children became stranded in 1897. The story has been told many times by the Kennedy family and immortalized by Newfoundland author Cassie Brown in her epic story "Castaways on the Labrador," which was recounted by Mary Kennedy Malone. This story told and retold by Kennedys in later years details a most egregious situation had Nicholas Kennedy not taken the risky move stranded family from Sloop Cove to Emily Harbor in only a skiff, this 10 member Kennedy family may not have survived (let alone his large number of descendants). A single decision leaving a legacy for us. The situation so daunting that Captain Nicholas decided never to bring his wife or young children back to Labrador again. Read Castaways on the Labrador by Cassie Brown. The stranding and rescue of the Kennedy family was also covered by the local paper, The Harbour Grace Standard. Read the Harbour Grace Standard articles Left on the Coast Safe and Sound and Rescue of the Kennedy Family Ownership of Sloop Cove Premises by Kennedys from the Will of Captain John Kennedy (1839-1912) Master Mariner of Carbonear, Newfoundland.

This below information was listed under Approaches to Grosswater Bay in "Sailing Directions for Labrador and Hudson Bay." Fourth Edition (Ottawa, Canada:. Dept. of Fisheries and the Environment, 1979) pp. 165-166, Chart # 5135. ~Thanks goes to Linda Schmidt for the below Labrador info, maps as well as to John Kennedy for the digging up the Aerial of Sloop Cove.

The site of a small summer settlement of the same name. It is approached from the north between Harbour Rock and two rocks close off the west side of Brig Harbour Island. It was listed in the Labrador Sailing Directions between entries for Deadman Island and White Bear Islands. Sloop Harbour is listed as situated close to Brig Hr Island. It says Sloop Island is situated close off the NE side of Brig Hr Island, from which it is separated by Sloop Harbour.
SLOOP COVE, on Labrador Coast, is a port of call.
SLOOP COVE (2nd), on Labrador Coast; nearest port of call, Fishing Ship’s Cove.
SLOOP HARBOR, on Labrador Coast; nearest port of call, Punch Bowl.

Emily Harbor near to Brig Harbour Island just north of Eskimo Bay and Hamilton Inlet/ River

Brig Harbour Island SLOOP COVE

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Kennedy Plaque to be Placed at SLOOP COVE, LABRADOR Thanks goes to cousin John Kennedy for the Commemorative Family Plaque and Frank Kennedy for pursuing the TRIP to Sloop Cove to find its rightful home!!

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