KENNEDY, a surname of Ireland and Scotland, (O)Kennedy, Ó Cinnéide, Irish ceann,-head éidigh - ugly, modern Gaelic Ceannaideach.

"The Scottish Kennedys are by remote origin Irish Gaels." (MacLysaght). Traced by MacLysaght in Cos.Tipperary and Wexford, and by Guppy in Scotland especially in Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Inverness-shire and Argyleshire.

From the E. R. SEARY book Family Names of Newfoundland
Early Kennedy's:

Widow m, of Harbour Grace, 1770, property "possessed by the Family for upwards of 90 years," that is,before 1680 (CO 199.18);

Edward, of Hibbs Hole, 1800, property "in possession of the Family for upwards of 70 years," that is, before 1730 (CO 199.18);

Patrick, shoreman of St.John's, 1794-5, "40 years in Newfoundland," that is, 1754-5 (Census 1794-5);

Bartholomew, fisherman of Trinity (Trinity B.), 1757 (DPHW 64);

Richard, in fishery at Petty Harbour, 1794-5,"27 years in Newfoundland,"that is,1767-8 (Census1794-5);

John and James, of Harbour Main, 1782 (CO 199.18);

Terrence, of Crockers Cove (Carbonear), before 1796 (CO 199.18);

Ralph, of Western Bay, 1798 (CO 199.18);

William and Co., of Salmon Cove, Northern Arm (now Avondale), 1798 (CO 199.18);

William Kenedy, from Waterford City, married at St.John's, 1700 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Anastasia,of Bay Bulls, 1801 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

John Kennedy, of Long Pond Lookout, 1803 (CO 199.18);

Edmond, from Cloyne (Co.Cork), married at Fogo, 1803 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Richard, from Passage Parish (unidentified), Diocese of Waterford, married at Greenspond,1803,of Greenspond, 1805 (Nfld. Archives BRC, Bonavista Register 1806);

Cornelius, of Holyrood Head, 1804 (CO 199.18);

Edward, operated salmon fishery at Fogo, 1804 (CO 194.45);

John, ? fisherman of Port de Grave,1805 (Nfld.Archives T22);

Phillip, one of 72 impressed men who sailed from Ireland to Newfoundland, ? 1811 (CO 194.51);

William Kenedy, from Knocpherson (Co.Waterford), fisherman of Trepassey, died 1811 (Royal Gazette 28 Nov.1811);

William Kennedy, of Lance Cove (Bell Island),1814 (D'Alberti 24);

Patrick, of Bonavista, 1815 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Elizabeth, of Joe Batts Arm,1817 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Michael, of Tilton Harbour (now Tilting), 1819 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

John, from Carrick (unspecified), of Ragged Harbour (now Melrose), 1820 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Jean, of Catalina,1821 (Nfld. Archives KCRC);

John, of King's Cove, 1826 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

Catherine, of Cape Cove (Bonavista B.),1827 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

____,of Bell Isle (now Bell Island),1827 (Nfld. Archives BRC);

Thomas, of Carbonear,1828 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

John Keniddy, of Fortune Harbour,1830 (Nfld.Archives KCRC);

John Kennedy, of Middle Bight (now Codner), 1832 (DPHW 30);

David Kenedy, of the White Hills,1836 (Nfld.Archives BRC);

Maurice, from Dingle (Co.Kerry), of Harbour Grace,1844 (Indicator 27 Jul 1844);

Jane Kennedy, of Hare Bay (Fogo district),1847 (DPHW 83);

Mary,of Little Catalina,1850 (DPHW 67);

George, of Catalina,1851 (DPHW 72);

Martin Kenedy, of Cats Cove (now Conception Harbour),1853 (Nfld.Archives,Registry Crown Lands);

Thomas Kennedy, of the French Shore,1868 (Nfld.Archives HGRC);widespread in Lovell 1871.
Modern status:Widespread, especially at Shoal Point (Ferryland district), Long Pond (Manuels) and St.John's.
Place names: Kennedy Bight, ___Head (Labrador)52-08 55-42; ____Cove
(Labrador)52-39 55-47; ___Island (Labrador) 53-04 55-45; ____Hill 46-53
55-49;___Lake 49-15 57-52;____Point 47-41 58-22,47-49 59-20; Kennedys Brook
47-39 52-42;___Cove (Labrador) 55-07 59-13;______Pond 47-21 53-23.

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