The descendants of these Malone families would be Kennedy cousins (grandchildren of Julia and Mary Kennedy are my 3rd cousins) Julia and Mary Malone were Kennedy sisters (they had another sister Maud who married a MacPherson and also 6 bros.) They were first cousins of my great grandfather John Kennedy (b.1871 Carbonear) sharing the same grandparents Nicholas (1807-1881) and Julia Kennedy (1809-1892) of Crockers Cove, Newfoundland. Nich . Kennedy 1807 descending from Nicholas Kennedy and Grace Young of Wexford and Julia Kennedy descending from Terence Kennedy and Mary Clarke of the Crocker's Cove Kennedy Clan

1921 Newfoundland Census

St. John's

Below are 2 dau. of Nicholas Kennedy (1848-1919) and Margaret Hamilton (1856-1899); Julia Kennedy married Tom Malone and Julia's sister Mary Kennedy married Tom's brother Maurice Malone. Nicholas Kennedy took the family to St. John's after wife Margaret died in 1899.

MALONE Thomas M Head Married 1876 Apr 44 Carbonerr
MALONE Julia F Wife Married 1884 Jan 36 Carbonear <Julia dau. Nicholas Kennedy (& Mrgt. Hamilton) 3; Nicholas Kennedy (&Julia Kennedy) 2; Nicholas Kennedy (& Grace

Young) of Wexford, Ireland. Her grandmother Julia Kennedy for whom she was named was the dau. of Terence Kennedy &

Mary Clarke of Crocker's Cove. Our double dose of Kennedy genes :)

Children of Julia Kennedy & Tom Malone:
MALONE Mary F Daug Single 1903 Dec 17 St. John's
MALONE Eugene M Son Single 1905 Nov 15 St. John's
MALONE James M Son Single 1907 Sep 13 St. John's
MALONE Thomas, Jr M Son Single 1908 Oct 12 St. John's
MALONE Kennedy M Son Single 1910 Aug 10 St. John's
MALONE Sheila F Daug Single 1913 May 7 St. John's
MALONE Edward M Son Single 1912 Apr 8 St. John's
MALONE William M Son Single 1916 Jan 4 St. John's
MALONE Michael M Son Single 1918 Jan 2 St. John's

1921 Newfoundland Census

St. John's

MALONE Maurice M Head Married 1881 Sep 39 Carbonear
MALONE Mary F Wife Married 1893 May 27 Carbonear
KENNEDY Mereidth F Niece Single 1904 Jun 16 Bell Island <Is this Mercedes dau. of Mary's Bro. Peter of Bell Island?>

1930 U.S. Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > Chicago (Districts 2377-2626) > District 2408
age age when married place of birth pob father pob mother yr. of immigration into US occ. place
Malone, Maurice 48 33 nfld Nfld Nfld 1924 manager A&P store
Mary 35 30 nfld nfld nfld "
Anna 11 nfld nfld nfld "

Maurice and Mary went to Chicago during the 20s then back to Newfoundland (after 1930) and eventually settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Greg Malone grandson of Julia Kennedy of Carbonear and original member of CODCO campaigns with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. an effort to stop the Macal River Valley in Belize from being flooded by the Chalilo hydroelectric dam project proposed by Canadian multinational Fortis Inc. Learn more about the STOP FORTIS CAMPAIGN

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* Thanks goes to Ari Hershowitz for the video clips. Join the Natural Resources Defense Council to learn what you can do for the EARTH today.

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The Telegram in Memoriam
MALONE In loving memory Bill (Scully) Gone to the Gullies August 1, 2002 We miss you terribly. Thanks for all the laughs, advise, good times... for all the memories. Forever loved by family and friends. - Aug 04, 2003

Malone Family Photo Album courtesy Frank J. Kennedy

Carbonear Kennedy's on the 1921 Newfoundland Census

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