Skipper Nicholas Kennedy 1807-1881 fourth great grandfather

I. Nicholas Kennedy & Grace Young of Wexford, Ireland 5x great grandparents

II. Captain Nicholas Kennedy (1807-1881) & Julia Kennedy (1809-1892)

III. (Pictured) Captain Nicholas P. Kennedy (1848-1919) married Margaret Hamilton (1856-1899) Family Photo Album of Carbonear, Newfoundland

IV. Captain Nicholas J. Kennedy (1877-1942) married Ellen O'Neill in 1908 and raised family in St. John's, 142 Patrick St. Line of Frank J. Kennedy St. John's, Newfoundland

Other children of Capt. Nich. P. Kennedy and Margaret Hamilton

1878 Peter Kennedy (1878- married Mary (Egan) and raised a family on Bell Island Line of Blair Kennedy

1881 Julia Kennedy (census says 1884) married Tom Malone, and had large family in St. John's. Line of Greg Malone of CODCO and Beni Malone of Wonderbolt Productions and his aerialist daughter ANAHERO White-Malone

1883 John Kennedy COOPER, married Bridget English Line of John M.P. Kennedy, St. John's, Newfoundland

1883 Eugene Kennedy died in 1902 buried St. John's, Newfoundland

1885 William R. Kennedy married Margaret Shorthall died in the 1931 SS Viking tragedy; in 1926 he navigated Arctic expeditions for Bob Bartlett onboard the Effie Morrissey now the ERNESTINA docked in New Bedford, Massachusetts

1888 Terence Kennedy

1890 Mary Bridget known as "Peggy Gaul"

1892 Mary Elizabeth married Maurice Malone went to Chicago then to Ontario (brother to sister Julia's husband Tom Malone)

1894 Michael Francis Kennedy Killed at Beaumont Hamel WWI

1897 Alice Maud Kennedy married Dr. William MacPherson No heirs

Lawrence F. Kennedy (a Tailor) according to obituary he is pall bearer at his bros. funeral (Capt. WRK), St. John's 1931.


1895 Nicholas (b1848) and Margaret (Hamilton) B abt. 1855) as was the custom in those days, when the men to the Labrador to fish for the summer,

the whole family went with them. However, due to a mix up in arrangements for the return trip in the Fall, Nicholas and Margaret and 9 of their children

were left stranded on the Labrador with no winter clothing and a limited supply of food. They made their way from Sloop Cove to Emily Harbour and

survived for two months with the aid of friendly Eskimos, until being rescued by a boat sent from St. John's.

See EMILY HARBOR and the article by Cassie Brown "Castaways of Labrador." While this article places the event in 1897, some sleuthing by John the

Cooper's grandson John Kennedy the date for this event has been revised to 1895.

1898 Nicholas went alone to the Labrador this year. He was not willing to expose his family to such danger again.

1898 The McAlpine Directory of 1898 for St. John's (page 267 - 273) listed the following;

Lawerence Kennedy (Tailor) bds 21 Water St. w

Nicholas Kennedy (Planter) bds 21 Water St. w

Peter J. Kennedy (Tinsmith) bds 21 Water St.w

John Kennedy (Cooper) bds 21 Water St. w

1899 It appears that Nicholas Sr. did the same in 1899 after his wife died , he moved his family to

St. John's and lived on Queen ST.

1904 The McAlpine Directory for 1904 St. John's listed the following;

Nicholas ( Carpenter) 7 Queen St father

John (Cooper ) bds 7 Queen St. son

Nicholas (seaman) bds 9 Queen St son

Appearing in Newfoundland's 1921 Census are bros. Peter, William

Nephews/nieces of Capt. Terr Kennedy & Mary Joy"aunt polly" and first cousins of Thomas K, Julia Kennedy Hayden, and Mary Joseph Kennedy Hogan(~mother of Msgr. Will Hogan) and their older siblings who had already emigrated to Boston & NYC Nicholas, John, Terrence, William, Patrick


1921 Newfoundland Census (a list of localities where CARBONEAR born Kennedys reside)

Bell Island

KENNEDY, PETER M head married 1878 June 43 Carbonear
KENNEDY, Mary F wife married 1877 Dec. 43 St. John's
Eugene M son single 1902 May 19 Bell Island Blair Kennedy's father
KENNEDY, Nicholas M son single 1905 July 16 Bell Island
KENNEDY, Mercedes F daug. single 1906 June 15 Bell Island
KENNEDY, Rudolf M son single 1913 Nov. 7 Bell Island

St. John's

41 JOB ST Captain William R. Kennedy
KENNEDY, WILLIAM M Head Married Aug 1885 36 Carbonear
KENNEDY, Margaret F Wife Married Apr 1885 36 St. John's
KENNEDY, Michael M Son Single Oct 1916 4 St. John's
KENNEDY, Robert F Son Single Jun 1919 2 St. John's

St. John's

41 BRINE STREET The line of John Michael Patrick Kennedy
KENNEDY, JOHN M Head Married Jul 1884 37 Carbonear
KENNEDY, Bridget F Wife Married Dec 1888 32 Bay Roberts
KENNEDY, Margaret F Dau Single Apr 1908 13 St. John's
KENNEDY, Maria F Dau Single Sep 1909 12 St. John's
KENNEDY, Leo M Son Single Mar 1911 10 St. John's
KENNEDY, Grace F Dau Single May 1916 5 St. John's

St. John's

142 PATRICK STREET Captain Nicholas J. Kennedy
NICHOLAS M Head Married Jan 1877 44 Carbonear
KENNEDY, Ellen F Wife Married Sep 1881 39 Bay de Verde
KENNEDY, John M Son Single Jun 1909 12 St. John's
Eugene M Son Single Dec 1910 9 St. John's
KENNEDY, Mary F Dau Single May 1913 8 St. John's
KENNEDY, James M Son Single Sep 1915 6 St. John's
KENNEDY, Eileen F Dau Single Jul 1917 4 St. John's
KENNEDY, Michael F M Son Single Jan 1921 8weeks St. John's Line of "Michel FRANCIS"
Frank Kennedy
BURSEY, Stella F Servant Single Dec 1898 23 Brownsd


St. John's

Below are 2 dau. of Nicholas Kennedy (1848-1918) and Margaret Hamilton (1899); this would be Julia Kennedy

who married Tom Malone and Julia's sister Mary who married Tom's brother Maurice;

Mary Kennedy and Maurice Malone went to Chicago;

MALONE Thomas M Head Married 1876 Apr 44 Carbonerr
MALONE Julia F Wife Married 1884 Jan 36 Carbonerr
MALONE Mary F Daug Single 1903 Dec 17 St. John's
MALONE Eugene M Son Single 1905 Nov 15 St. John's
MALONE James M Son Single 1907 Sep 13 St. John's
MALONE Thomas, Jr M Son Single 1908 Oct 12 St. John's
MALONE Kennedy M Son Single 1910 Aug 10 St. John's
MALONE Sheila F Daug Single 1913 May 7 St. John's
MALONE Edward M Son Single 1912 Apr 8 St. John's
MALONE William M Son Single 1916 Jan 4 St. John's
MALONE Michael M Son Single 1918 Jan 2 St. John's

MALONE Maurice M Head Married 1881 Sep 39 Carbonear
MALONE Mary F Wife Married 1893 May 27 Carbonear
KENNEDY Mereidth F Nice Single 1904 Jun 16 Bell Island <Is this Mercedes dau. of Mary's Bro. Peter of Bell Island?>

St. John's

KENNEDY; Ted M Head Married 1888, Feb 33 Carbonear
KENNEDY; Mary F Wife " 1886, Jany 35 St. John's
KENNEDY; Victor (?) M Son Single 1910, Apr 11 "
KENNEDY; Mercedes (?) F Dau. " 1912, Feb 9 "
KENNEDY; Agnes F Dau. " 1914, Jany 7 "
KENNEDY; Vincent M Son " 1917, Apr 4 "
KENNEDY; Corine F Dau. " 1919, Nov 2 "
NASH; Bride F Servant " 1903, June 18 Topsail Pond

Kennedy Birth's