BILLOW, 114 ton Schooner (75'x18'x11'), built 1844 Bay Fortune, PEI., reg.
1844, S844144, closed 1859 - Transfered to a New Port - Belfast, Ireland.
Builder/Owner: James Cormack, Merchant of Bay Roberts, CB. (1)

Delaney, James Billow 1844144
Delaney, Martin Billow 1844144
Delaney, William Billow 1844144
Facey, Charles Billow 1844144
Kennedy, John Billow 1844144
Russell, C. Billow 1844144
Scott, Thomas Billow 1844144

John Kennedy registered the BILLOW at St. John's, Newfoundland just after it was built by Cormack of Prince Edward's Island and took it out for the fishing season of 1844. In 1847, the 114 ton schooner was registered and taken out by Captain Fitzgerald with 40 men from Brigus, Newfoundland for the sealing season. (2)
In the Spring of 1857, John Kenedy of Harbour Main now owned the Billow. Seal fishery List of Vessels Sailing from the Port of Harbor Main, For the Seal Fishery. Spring 1857. Vessels; Owners; Masters; Tons; Men. Ellen; Patrick STRAPP; John STRAPP; 111; 41. Fmd. Isle; James STIVY; Charles STIVY; 149; 56. Clipper; W. & M. WOODFORD; WOODFORD; 112; 42. Billow; John KENEDY & Bros.: KENEDY; 114; 39. William; M. COTILLOO & Bros.; COSTILLO; 85; 38. Scottish Chief; James WADE Jr.; COSTILLO; 97; 37. Grace Darling; J. ST. JOHN; ST. JOHN; 99; 40. The two last will sail from Cats Cove. (3)

Others who registered and took out the BILLOW

Morris, Edward Billow 1826080
Hutchings, Samuel Billow 1827056

Brennock, Patrick Billow 1833028
Brennock, Patrick Billow 1833028
Brennock, Patrick Billow 1833028
Doran, Patrick Billow 1833028
Kearney, Michael Billow 1833028
Power, Michael Billow 1833028
Shea, William Billow 1833028

Hawson, Henry Cowell Billow 1834013

Cunningham, John Billow 1838065
Jarvis, William Billow 1838065
Kelly, William Billow 1838065

Cooper, Robert Billow 1840010
Cox, John Edward Billow 1840010
Curtis, John Billow 1840010
Glinn, Patrick Billow 1840010
Hally, Thomas Billow 1840010
Kearney, Michael Billow 1840010
Kelly, Charles Billow 1840010
Mollins, William Billow 1840010
Mullowney, James Billow 1840010
Walsh, James Billow 1840010
Wood, John Billow 1840010

Stuckless, Samuel Billow 1840085

Foray, Jonthan Billow 1841031
Power, Thomas Billow 1841031

Chafe, Henry Billow 1844024
Power, John Billow 1844024

Kelland, Robert Billow 1845102
LeDrew, William Billow 1845135
McGrath, Dennis Billow 1848026
Answorth, John Billow 1848108
Hearn, James Billow 1850017

Comerford, Thomas Billow 1851044
Walsh, John Billow 1851044
Cantwell, George V. Billow 1857113

Dawson, Thomas Billow 1857129
Houlihan, Joseph Billow 1857129
Kearney, Richard Billow 1857129
Ledrow, John Billow 1857129
Lewis, Moses Billow 1857129
Morris, Edward Billow 1857129
Richards, Isaac Billow 1857129


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(2)D.W. Prowse’s book “A History of Newfoundland” on page 709

(3)1885 Harbour Grace Standard transcriptions

Captain's Log Kennedys Captain's Log Fitzgeralds