1798 Mar 15 Harbor Grace Court records of 1812 state Patrick Kennedy occupies fishing room in Harbor Grace leased from John Juer.

1811 Captain Patrick Kennedy registers 51 ton fishing vessel for Newfoundland sealing. Colonial Records Board of Trade 162/4; also registered 1813-1816

1816 Harbour Grace Court records Nov 8 Captain Pat Kennedy is sending his schooner to Ireland this fall, agreed to take 140 passengers (distressed) at L4 per man.

1817 Captain Pat Kennedy registers the Hannah for the fishing season 51 tons crew of 4. Colonial Records Board of Trade 162/5

1817 Jan 2 Harbor Grace Surrogate Court records Pat Kennedy of Harbour Grace is sending 29 men to Ireland; he subscribes nothing. [does not ask for $]

1817 Dec 20 Harbour Grace Surrogate Court Pat Kennedy leased premises from James Juer, deceased. Juer Will of Harbour Grace

1818 Captain Pat registers vessel "Hannah" Colonial Records Board of Trade 162/5

1820 Captain Patrick Kennedy registered the Hannah a 51 ton fishing vessel for the Newfoundland fishing season and coastal trade in September 1820. Board of Trade Vol. 162/5

1824 Patrick Kennedy registers 51 ton Hannah for Newfoundland fishing season. Great Britain Board of Trade vol. 162/7

1829 Patrick Kennedy according to his Estate file he does not return from Voyage, presumed dead wife Mary Kennedy petitions Newfoundland Supreme Court for his Estate to be administered. The petition states that Patrick Kennedy was born in Wexford, Ireland late a fisherman at Saint John's Newfoundland