The Harbor Grace Standard October 2 1896


The Flying Mist, Terrence KENNEDY, master, arrived form Labrador on Monday. The Ocean Gem, John
KENNEDY, master, arrived at Seldom-Come-By on Saturday. She came here on Tuesday. It looks bad to see
vessels coming home so early. Mr. RORKEís schooners are all up the shore. They wonít average 200 qtls. Each.
Harobr Grace Standard

Source Ships and Seafarers of Atlantic Canada

FLYING MIST, 50 ton Schooner, built 1865 Lunenburg, NS., registered at St. Johnís 1869, reg. # S869014, official # 051772, closed 1925 - No Longer Exists / No
Information Available. Builder and Owner: William Pitts, Merchant of St. John's.

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